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Going abroad means allowing yourself to be transformed by the power of travel. It’s about giving yourself the right to disconnect, to meet others, to come back changed.

Transat is proud to accompany travellers on their journey, whatever the destination. Because the best travel memories are often those you least expect.

A well-deserved holiday in the sun? We’re here.
A backpacking adventure in a California national park? We’re here.
A trip with friends to the most beautiful vineyards in Europe? We’re here.

On this platform, we have called on our experts to share the best addresses and travel tips from all over the world. But also to give you a behind-the-scenes look at aviation and what goes on behind the scenes, when you are the one on board! Over the years, we’ve collected the locals’ favourite taco stands in Sayulita, the romantic alleys of Paris, the historic pubs of Glasgow, the lesser-known cenotes of Tulum, the unusual activities in Venice.

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