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Spain is a country that is full of life, with its warm sunshine, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine. With flights to Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga, exploring this beautiful and diverse country has never been easier. Whether you’re sipping sangria on the beach, exploring historic landmarks, or dancing the night away in a local club, Spain offers endless opportunities for fun and adventure. And let’s not forget about the mouth-watering tapas, world-class museums, and stunning architecture that make Spain a truly unforgettable destination.

Discover the 10 best things to do in Costa del Sol with kids. From historical Ronda to the beaches of Marbella, an unforgettable stay awaits!
Looking for a wine bar or a typical taverna? These cafés and restaurants in Seville are sure to provide an authentic and yummy experience. Bon appétit!
Nestled between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees, this region boasts an array of spectacular Catalan dishes waiting to be discovered!
Here are seven tapas bars in Barcelona and a selection of the best they have to offer in terms of Catalan dishes.
Out of the almost 500 UNESCO sites in Europe, here are 12 that, according to us, must be seen in a lifetime.
Whatever the season, here are our suggestions of things to do in Malaga, in the heart of Andalucia, and how to make the most of it.
Head south to this tranquil Spanish region, where the complex Moorish heritage blends perfectly with idyllic beaches and delicious tapas, not to mention surprisingly reasonable prices.
There are a host of natural parks in Europe, some of which are unknown to the public. Here are 5 nature destinations off the beaten track!
The second largest city in the European Union after London, Spain’s capital is made up of a mosaic of neighbourhoods that we love to explore on foot. Where to start? That’s easy. With our favourites!
A selection of must-visit LGBTQ destinations, from cities with a significant gay heritage to out of the ordinary Pride Festivals!
With Easter, discover chocolate destinations all around the world. Here are some places you could visit that have a big history with cocoa and chocolate!
Barcelona is one of the most loved cities in Spain and the world. It charms with its world-class food and wine, boulevards to stroll and music to dance. If you want to show your children the world, Barcelona is an excellent place to start. Here 5 great activities for kids in Barcelona.
Travel to France, Spain or Italy and if you love all things bubbly, break out your flutes and take a sparkly sip of Champagne, Crémant, cava or Prosecco!
All the art, culture (and some nature) to see in Andalusia’s top cities of Sevilla, Granada and Córdoba.
We have picked what we feel are the top three must-visit Gaudi sites as well as a few of our favourite Barcelona cultural hot spots.
9 breakfast pastries you must try across Europe from the classic croissant in Paris to the decadent brioche and gelato in Palermo.
Spain is the third most popular destination in Europe. We come here for its beaches, gastronomy, culture and rich history. And we discover a cosmopolitan, sophisticated and welcoming society. It wasn’t always this way.
A visit to Bаrсеlоnа dоеѕn’t have tо bе соnfinеd tо the сitу’ѕ mаin attractions аѕ thеrе are mаnу vаriеd аnd accessible dауѕ out to bе hаd juѕt a ѕtоnе’ѕ throw from thе сitу.
Wine Regions in Europe, there are so many great options for great wine. Consider these regions for your holiday, which are beautiful but also delicious.
If you’re looking to base your holiday out of Madrid, Spain, consider these great trips that you can take by train or bus.
Enjoy the best of the countries you visit with the following suggestions of must-try dishes from farm to table, and great places where to taste them!
Our selection embodies Europe’s vast and diverse heritage and features a mix of natural and man-made splendours that simply must be seen in a lifetime.
The best way to explore Southern Spain, one of the most charming regions in Europe, is by car; hop on as we detail the highlights a road trip in Andalusia.
A small selection of the most beautiful parks in the world where you can picnic, jog or bike. Some might be unfamiliar, while others, entirely magical.
Looking to get inspired? Here are 10 of our most iconic and quintessentially European holiday experiences that you will never want to forget.
What exactly are tapas and where to get the best ones in Barcelona.
A rooftop terrace, a café in a museum or a superb terrace in a courtyard… Where to find these hidden gems? Here are our top picks for terraces in Europe.
Going on vacation with your daughter to Madrid can be great and simple. Here are some tips and areas to discover this beautiful city on a mother-daughter trip.
You’ll be surprised by all the delightful things you can find on top of Barcelona’s Mount Tibidabo.
Enjoy a perfect walking tour of this beautiful city on the Costa del Sol!
You can eat well in Madrid at any budget, whether it be at a Michelin star restaurant or a tacsa, here are 6 restaurants not to miss in Madrid.
You may think a trip to Spain will be difficult with the little ones, but Madrid offers tons of educational and family-friendly attractions that are sure to please both you and your kids.
Check out our recommendations for some of Barcelona’s most mouth-watering food options.