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Tapas in Barcelona: 6 Must-Try Spots

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In Barcelona, Spain, the culinary art is dominated by a typically Spanish format: tapas. In vogue for about a dozen years, tapas – small portions of a few bites, ideal for sharing – are an excellent introduction to Barcelona’s culture. Patatas bravas, fried potatoes served with aioli and a pimentón sauce, are probably the most famous. And of course, you should have a drink with your meal! Here are seven tapas bars in Barcelona and a selection of the best they have to offer in terms of Catalan dishes.

When to eat tapas in Barcelona and other frequently asked tapas questions

When to eat tapas in Barcelona?

Tapas can be enjoyed at any time of the day but are particularly popular in the early evening as a prelude to dinner or as a late-night snack.

Are tapas free in Barcelona?

While some parts of Spain offer tapas for free with a drink, Barcelona’s tapas bars usually charge for their dishes, reflecting the quality and creativity of the cuisine.

How to order tapas in Barcelona?

Ordering tapas in Barcelona is an interactive experience; you can either select from displayed dishes or choose from a menu, often sharing several plates amongst your group.

How much are tapas in Barcelona?

Prices vary widely depending on the establishment and the complexity of the dishes, with a range of €2 us throughout Barcelona for its bustling tapas bars, offering a pedestrian-friendly street where locals and visitors alike can hop from one venue to the next, indulging in the city’s rich tapestry of tastes. to €5 per tapa for simpler items, and more for elaborate creations.

What street in Barcelona is famous for tapas?

Carrer de Blai is famous throughout Barcelona for its bustling tapas bars, offering a pedestrian-friendly street where locals and visitors alike can hop from one venue to the next, indulging in the city’s rich tapestry of tastes.

El Xampagnet – Carrer de Montcada, 22 – if you’re asking what is the best tapas in Barcelona?

El Xampagnet sets the standard for traditional tapas bars in Barcelona, becoming a landmark for tourists seeking an authentic dining experience. The establishment is renowned for its selection of high-quality ingredients.

  • TO EAT: Tomato bread (pa amb tomàquet in Catalan) and fresh anchovies
  • TO DRINK: A flute of cava

Bar del Pla – Carrer Montcada, 2

Within the walls of Bar del Pla, sommelier Camila Espinoza enlightens guests about Catalonia’s exquisite wines and the remarkable ingredients that grace the restaurant’s small plates. The ambiance attracts a diverse crowd, from the youthful to those with a few more years of wisdom.

  • TO EAT: Cuttlefish croquettes in their ink
  • TO DRINK: A white Catalan wine… Camila will know what to recommend!

Bar La Plata – Carrer de la Mercé, 28 – great tapas in Barcelona

Bar La Plata epitomizes authenticity, offering straightforward, quality food at fair prices within a convivial atmosphere. Here, locals and tourists alike mingle, enjoying their meals and conversations unapologetically

  • TO EAT: Botifarra, the classic Catalan pork sausage.
  • TO DRINK: Red vermouth, another Catalan classic! And no, it doesn’t taste like Martini Rosso…

Fàbrica Moritz – Ronda de Sant Antoni, 39 – 41

Unlike the typical small, crowded tapas bars, Fàbrica Moritz is a spacious restaurant capable of hosting large groups and events, all the while offering classic tapas dishes and the beloved Catalan beer. The fun atmosphere is an integral part of the experience, as is the friendly service.

  • TO EAT: Anchovies fried whole, complete with head and bones for a full flavor experience!
  • TO DRINK: A signature Moritz beer, naturally

Quimet & Quimet – Carrer del Poeta Cabanyes, 25 – for the best seafood tapas in Barcelona

Spain takes pride in its tradition of canning premium seafood, a practice celebrated at Quimet & Quimet. This centenary tavern specialised in seafood tapas and is a must-visit for those eager to explore this unique aspect of Spanish cuisine, alongside montaditos (small sandwiches) and an impressive selection of wines.

  • TO EAT: A delicate canapé featuring mussels and caviar atop a tomato compote
  • TO DRINK: Your choice from an extensive collection of wines displayed along the walls

Tapeo – Carrer de Montcada, 29

Chef Daniel Rueda, alongside his skilled team, reimagines traditional tapas with a contemporary flair. Having been a fixture in the culinary landscape for about 10 years, Tapeo presents innovative and reinterpreted tapas in an ambiance that strikes a balance between the casual essence of a tapas bar and the potential for lively evenings. It’s a locals favorite and a great place with great food. Simple as that!

  • TO EAT: Confit leek with tapenade
  • TO DRINK: Red wines from Catalonia!

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