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Italy is a country that is full of surprises, with its lesser-known attractions offering just as much excitement and wonder as its more famous landmarks. The colorful coastal villages of Cinque Terre, the breathtaking beauty of Lake Como, the ancient ruins of Pompeii and the picturesque town of Matera are all landmarks that need to be ticked off the bucket list. But don’t forget that Italy’s hidden gems offer a chance to escape the crowds and experience the country in a more relaxed and authentic way. So don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path and explore the lesser-known corners of this beautiful and fascinating country. You never know what treasures you might discover! Tempted? Don’t miss our Italy travel tips below.

There are so many reasons to work a Rome to Orvieto day trip into your Italy vacation plans, from the serenity of the village to the historic sights.
Out of the almost 500 UNESCO sites in Europe, here are 12 that, according to us, must be seen in a lifetime.
In the Tuscan village of Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, meet Wilma, a most charming Italian nonna, with whom you’ll tackle the ancestral know-how of Italian pasta.
Looking for the lesser-known yet most beautiful villages in Tuscany to visit next? We’ve got you covered with amazing places to travel to!
Where to find the most authentic Italian coffee in Rome, and most importantly, how to order coffee in Italy like a local.
Under-the-radar, next-door neighbour Emilia-Romagna swoops in as the next best destination in Italy with its emblematic culinary traditions, its long-standing wine heritage and its carefree attitude.
You may think all Rome attractions are crowded with tourists, but this city also has some truly unique things to see.
There’s a reason this is one of the most visited spots in Italy. Find out what you need to see with this curated Amalfi Coast itinerary.
Rome is one of the most important cities in history. Here’s a list of attractions to discover historical Rome, including can’t-miss places and hidden gems.
Whether you choose the beach, a vineyard or a medieval village, there are several excellent day trips from Rome to consider.
Indulge in the best food festivals in Italy, from Venice’s Carnevale to Alba’s Truffle Fair. Taste authentic Italian tradition and culture!
Who among us doesn’t have “eating a gelato in Rome” on their bucket list? But how do you pick the tourist traps from the authentic shops? Here are 9 great gelaterias to try on your next visit.
If you’re wondering what to eat in Rome besides pasta, here are 6 dishes to be on the lookout for in this delicious city.
Our selection of eight historical sites in Europe perfectly embodies the continent’s vast and diverse heritage, from the traditions of the Roman Empire to the aftermath of the great world wars.
Winter in Rome lasts from November through February that doesn’t mean it’s not a spectacular time to explore the city. Quite the opposite!
Modena is a silent star in Italy’s tourism scene. It’s home to some of the best cured meats, music, art and restaurants. And this is the lure of Modena. Here are 6 reasons Modena is worth a day or two.
Without a doubt the most popular cities in Italy are Rome, Venice and Florence. But there are so many other cities in Italy that Italians love, and are far less crowded. For those looking for an authentic peek into Italian life, here are the top 5 most underrated cities in Italy.
There are many ways to eat in Venice on a budget so that you can either splurge in one of its fantastic restaurants or save your budget for another city. Here are some easy ways to eat on the cheap.
Many travellers fly to Italy for just one thing to eat. There’s no doubt that Italian food is one of the best in the world and you could spend an Italian holiday simply eating and doing nothing else. Here are four sandwiches that you should try in Italy when you need a break from all the tasty pizza and pasta.
Travel to France, Spain or Italy and if you love all things bubbly, break out your flutes and take a sparkly sip of Champagne, Crémant, cava or Prosecco!
Located in Emilia Romagna, Bologna is also home to the oldest university in Italy and all of Europe. It’s just 40 minutes by train from Florence and just as beautiful and yummy.
One of the most popular things to do in Rome Italy is to visit the ancient ruins of the Colosseum. It’s an incredible piece of architecture but is also full of fascinating history that most people haven’t heard. Here are 8 things that will surprise you about the Colosseum.
Rome has a lot to offer, follow our gladiator on two wheels to visit the ancient city on a bicycle. Get to his favorite spots, touristic sites and hidden local places. Do not let the bumpy road of Rome discourage you from visiting it on a bicycle!
Rome is known as a paradise for foodies, but where do locals eat? Here is a list of the best restaurants in Rome where you’ll sit elbow to elbow with locals.
Follow in the footsteps of a Transat employee in one of his favorite cities. This time, we take us to discover Venice … in 24 hours!
9 breakfast pastries you must try across Europe from the classic croissant in Paris to the decadent brioche and gelato in Palermo.
Not all gelato in Florence is good, in fact some of it is only eaten by tourists unaware that the great shops may just be around the corner. These 5 spots for gelato in Florence are worth jumping on a flight for.
With long lines scaring tourists many wonder if a trip to the Vatican is worth it. But there’s good news. It’s possible to buy “skip the line” tickets to fast track your visit and there are so many reasons to go!
Europe is a treasure trove of vineyards, offering not just exquisite wines but also stunning landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality.
Enjoy the best of the countries you visit with the following suggestions of must-try dishes from farm to table, and great places where to taste them!
Our selection embodies Europe’s vast and diverse heritage and features a mix of natural and man-made splendours that simply must be seen in a lifetime.
Rome is often said to be a open-air museum. If you’re feeling overwhelmed as to the best museums for kids in Rome, have a look at our top picks.
Italians take culinary art very seriously. Here are the most emblematic dishes in Naples… and the restaurants where you can taste them!
Follow us on some of the dreamiest road trips in Europe, where the kilometres displayed on the dashboard matter less than the extraordinary landscapes.
Do all French wear berets? Are all Italians romantic? Our myth detective investigates some of the most popular cultural clichés.
For an unforgettable Venetian experience, consult our guide on the best things to do in Venice. You are sure to eat, play and chill to your heart’s content!
A rooftop terrace, a café in a museum or a superb terrace in a courtyard… Where to find these hidden gems? Here are our top picks for terraces in Europe.
Romantic Rome is the perfect place to experience a truly perfect day of food.
Visiting Rome is the holiday of a lifetime, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Save money and beat the lines with these tips for Rome on a budget.
Stepping off the train, a scant hour from Milan Centrale, Varenna will completely erase the hustle and bustle of the big city from your senses.
With its stunning sea views, quaint, narrow streets, and majestic church, it is easy to see why so many famous poets loved Portovenere so much.
Italy is more than just the major cities—you won’t regret venturing off the beaten path and exploring the beautiful scenery of its southeastern coast.
Lucca, Tuscany is an impossibly beautiful Italian town offering art and eats that are second to none.
No visit to Venice would be complete without a trip to at least one of these five wonderful restaurants.
The idyllic vistas of Italy are the perfect setting for a fun-filled family vacation! Check out this exciting itinerary.
Think you can’t afford to travel to Venice? Now you can, with these four great travel tips for saving money in Venice. The best thing about Venice attractions is that many of them are free!