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Martinique is a true hidden gem in the Caribbean. This French Caribbean island offers a unique blend of European and Caribbean cultures, with its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and charming colonial towns. From indulging in delicious French-Caribbean cuisine to exploring the historic landmarks of Fort-de-France promises endless adventures and excitement for visitors of all ages. So why not book your trip now and discover the magic of this captivating island for yourself?

Situated south of Dominica and north of Saint Lucia in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, this department of France knows how to dish out the best of all worlds for newlyweds looking to celebrate their love.
How to prepare well for the four days of carnival festivities in Martinique.
Although we don’t think about it often, it’s actually easy enough to do some island hopping in the Caribbean among some of the clusters of islands.
Preparing for a trip to Martinique is like getting ready to go to Europe. Don’t expect the prices of the Dominican Republic or Cuba: this island may be located in the Lesser Antilles, but it’s actually part of France.
Experience the Caribbean with a French twist on this lovely island.