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Our Favorite Restaurants in Seville, Spain

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Walking the streets of Seville is a unique experience. Combining the pace of a big city with the charm of Andalusian villages, this regional capital has it all. Especially when it comes to food! From small traditional tavernas and natural wine bars to timeless cafes and gourmet experiences, restaurants in Seville offer a tailor-made opportunity to meet other gourmets and discover the little-known flavors of this sunny region of Spain.

However, we do advise you to pack clothes that are a little stretchier than usual, just in case…

Café Delatribu

At just 3 meters wide, this (literally) cute little spot is a veritable haven of cool in Seville’s muy caliente historic center. A far cry from the more touristy places in the vicinity, this cafe’s menu features the classics of any third-wave coffee shop: iced latte, fresh lemonade and sweet treats.

You can even buy their coffee, which is roasted nearby, for an ultra-local souvenir at a reasonable price.

El Rinconcillo, the best tapas restaurant in Seville

What a popular spot! Literally “the corner” in Spanish, the aptly named El Rincocillo brings together tourists and locals in a cacophonous, cramped and incredibly attractive atmosphere. The typically Andalusian wall tiles are original (1670, to be exact) to this bar-restaurant, which boasts to be the oldest in Seville.

Of course, it’s a tourist attraction, since it’s in all the guidebooks. But you have to see for yourself the waltz of the tie-wearing waiters behind the old, weathered wooden counter, eager to slice the delicious charcuteries themselves. A must try!


For something different from charcuterie and cheese platters, head to the Mediterranean flavors of Beirut. Without leaving Seville! Here, inside and outside seem to coexist without clear boundaries, thanks to the spacious terrace that spills out of the huge French windows. The kitchen offers Lebanese-inspired dishes, mostly vegetarian.

The rustic-chic ambiance and the many plants make it an unexpected gem in a within the homogeneity of tapas bars.


With only a few seats at the bar and three tiny tables, Barlovento offers an intimate atmosphere. It’s located on Conde de Torrejón, across the street from Fatouch! Here, however, the menu is more traditional Andalusian, with a focus on seafood. The specialty by the glass? Cava!

An ideal place for a romantic evening for two.

La Sacristia

Seville’s tapas bars are numerous, but uneven. While some are content with making the least effort for tourists, others strive to distinguish themselves with quality service. Such is the case with La Sacristia. Located in the center of Seville, which is full of forgettable traps, this all-wood restaurant with a warm Sevillian tavern atmosphere offers a menu of carefully selected charcuterie plates and other well-executed local specialties.

A simple but very pleasant address in the shadow of La Giralda.

Bar La Almadraba

It’s time to head to the market! One of the stalls at Mercado de la Feria specializes in seafood and tinned fish. In fact, it’s a tribute to the annual tuna fishery called Almadraba de Barbate in the neighboring province of Cadiz. On the menu, don’t miss the mojama, a “tuna bacon”, and the tuna with lime juice.

One of the main advantages of eating here? If you like what you’ve tasted, get a tin of it to take home!

Purita de Vuelta al Origen

Fancy a hipster breakfast? This cute restaurant on Calle Jerónimo Hernández is the place to go. It serves delicious locally roasted coffee and typical millennial fare. The menu includes avocado toast, eggs benedict and sweet tartines, all in a pleasant pink decor.

La Casa del Tigre, Seville’s best gourmet restaurant

Probably one of the best restaurants in Seville. This welcoming, discreet address offers just a dozen small dishes to share, focusing on seasonality and market offerings for maximum freshness. Most of the dishes are classics of Andalusian cuisine, presented in a gastronomic style. Due to its popularity, advance reservations are highly recommended.

If you have time, take a few minutes to read about the history of the building and the surprising reason why the restaurant bears this particular name. If walls could talk… or rather, roar!

Vinoteca Lama La Uva

Another tiny spot that stands out for its quality rather than quantity. Here, the friendly owner talks about natural wine and sustainable agriculture. She carefully selects the producers (mostly Andalusian) she works with. In the summer, it’s a pleasure to sit on the terrace of this attractive wine shop. The backdrop is Seville’s emblematic Parasol and the surrounding streets.

Other traditional taverns and restaurants in Seville

  • Bar Casa Morales
  • Bar Alfalfa
  • Casa Ricardo
  • Bar El Comercio
  • Cervecería Giralda Bar
  • El Librero Tapas y Quesos

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