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3 Must-See Beaches with Turquoise Waters in the Riviera Maya

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For us, travelling rhymes with happiness and exploring new horizons. That’s why we love sharing our favourite destinations with other travellers. During our latest trek to discover new sights, we explored the Riviera Maya with Hayla, flight director at Air Transat and avid traveller! She’s eager to share her favourite beaches, eateries and shopping destinations.

Without a doubt, Mexico’s most beautiful beaches can be found along the Riviera Mayan coastline. While the all-inclusives are strategically erected on the edge of the Caribbean sea and its white sand, a world of opportunity awaits outside of the private beach hub.

While exploring its most beautiful beaches with Hayla, we encountered turtles, swam in cenotes and indulged in tasty cocktails with toes in sand. Watch the video here:


Akumal Bay

Surrounded by a few hotels and apartments that border its 15 kilometres of hot sand, the beach in Akumal Bay is not the most isolated. What makes it so unique is its impressive number of sea turtle species, exposed in their natural habitat. In this crescent-shaped bay that’s naturally decorated with coral reef, sea turtles swim peacefully around in the water, feast on seaweed, and bury their eggs on the shore come spring time. The Akumal Ecological Centre is actively protecting the natural ecosystem in the bay, and new regulation is in place to preserve turtle habitats. It’s highly recommended that you follow the signs and only swim in the regulated areas.

Practical tip: Arrive close to the 9 a.m. opening time! The water can become turbulent as the day evolves, which reduces your chances of seeing turtle activity up-close.

Tankah Bay

At the rear tip of Tankah Bay is Casa cenote, a long bed of fresh, turquoise water that drips into the jungle and its mangroves. Experienced divers will enjoy exploring one of the largest networks of underwater caves the country has to offer. You can also rent a paddleboard to navigate your way through the cenote. On a small private beach, you’ll also find the taco-themed Casa Cenote taqueria. Makes a great snack after diving!

Hayla, Air Transat Flight Director, in Xpu-Ha Beach

Xpu Há Beach

A large number of locals refer to Xpu Há as one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Part of that has to do with its especially delicate, white sand and festive ambiance. A lush vegetation surrounds the area. It takes its name from the Mayan language and means “Morning Rose.” For a few pesos at the main entrance, you get access to lively beach clubs with beach beds, cocktails and lounge music. Hayla recommends the KSM Beachclub, the ideal spot for a lazy afternoon. Stay until sunset, you may have the chance to gaze at a beautiful gradient pink sky!

Exploring the small beaches that border the Riviera Maya opens the door for you to discover the unique richness of the region—from its exotic fauna to its raw nature. An itinerary that Hayla recommends you take in the day to make the most of your trip to the Riviera Maya!

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