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5 Best Canadian Restaurants in Toronto

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Canadian cuisine is a mosaic, reflecting the vast expanse of the country and the diverse backgrounds of its people. What one might have grown up eating in Alberta can vastly differ from the culinary experiences of someone from Quebec. In Toronto, however, chefs are embracing the challenge of defining Canada’s culinary identity, blending local ingredients, traditional techniques, and the influence of immigration into their interpretation of Canadian food.

These Toronto restaurants are at the forefront of defining and celebrating Canadian cuisine, offering both locals and visitors a taste of the country’s rich culinary heritage and its modern innovations.

This culinary exploration has given rise to an array of exciting Canadian-themed restaurants in Toronto. Here are some must-visit spots for those looking to indulge in the country’s culinary delights while in its largest city.


Boralia pays homage to the deep-rooted history of Canadian cuisine, drawing inspiration from the traditional dishes of Aboriginal peoples to those of early settlers. Nestled in the trendy Ossington area in the city’s West end, this quaint spot might focus on historical recipes, but it finds its home in a contemporary setting.

The restaurant is known for its visually stunning and Instagram-worthy dish of mussels smoked in pine needles, presented under a cloche. The menu also frequently features delicacies like whelks and pigeon pie, providing a taste of Canada’s past.

59 Ossington Ave, Toronto

Canoe Restaurant

As one of Toronto’s most renowned Canadian restaurants, Canoe sits on the 54th floor of the TD Centre, offering breathtaking sunset views over the financial district. Known for its commitment to local ingredients and game, Canoe presents a fine dining experience that showcases Canadian venison, foie gras, and wild seafood among its offerings.

Guests can choose between à la carte and tasting menu options for a comprehensive Canadian culinary journey.

66 Wellington St W, Toronto


Woodlot offers a cozy and more laid-back dining atmosphere on College St. Housed in a converted garage, this neighborhood gem is celebrated city-wide for its exceptional bread program. The restaurant boasts a wood-fired oven, enhancing the flavors of its dishes, notably the hearty meat selections and vegetarian-friendly options like the ember-grilled hen-of-the-woods mushrooms.

293 Palmerston Ave, Toronto


Edulis is a beloved independent restaurant where securing a reservation can be a challenge, a testament to its quality and popularity. The menu, influenced by local ingredients and Spanish cuisine, is best experienced through the tasting menu, though à la carte options are available upon request. While it may not be the newest hotspot, many local chefs count Edulis among their top picks for a special occasion meal.

169 Niagara St, Toronto


Sharing the same restaurant group as Canoe, Bannock offers a more casual dining experience opposite the Eaton Centre. Known for homely dishes like chicken pie and the inventive poutine pizza, Bannock caters to both the “grab and go” crowd and those looking to sit down to a meal featuring comfort food with a twist, such as the boneless rib burger with tomato jam.

Bannock provides an accessible introduction to Canadian cuisine, making it a perfect stop for those new to the country’s flavors.

401 Bay Street, Toronto

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