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Most Popular Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

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Toronto is renowned for its vegan-friendly dining scene, with plant-based menus gaining popularity even among omnivores looking to reduce meat consumption. Contrary to the notion that vegan options might be restrictive, Toronto’s eateries are debunking this myth by offering a wide array of choices, from quick bites to luxurious dining experiences, all so delicious that diners often forget they’re in a vegan restaurant.

Here’s a list of must-visit vegan restaurants in Toronto:


Rosalinda brings a Mexican-inspired vegan menu to the heart of Toronto, complete with a full cocktail list featuring mezcal, tequila, and several non-alcoholic choices. The restaurant sports a bright, modern interior with a greenhouse ambiance. Beyond the expected plant-based tacos and tostadas, Rosalinda surprises with unique dishes like young coconut ceviche and a vegan take on chicharron, traditionally made from deep-fried pork skin. Located in the financial district, it’s one of the sought-after establishments by renowned Chef Grant van Gameren, making reservations essential.

Location: 133 Richmond St West, Toronto

Away Kitchen + Cafe

Replacing a former Starbucks, this cafe is the sibling to the well-loved plant-based Awai. It maintains a more traditional cafe structure but quickly became a neighborhood favorite in Little Italy, offering seasonal quiches, seitan-based sandwiches, and popular vegan cheesecake.

Location: 680 College St, Toronto

The Goods

What started as a raw food delivery service by former ad agency employee Lisa Labute turned into a thriving Roncesvalles restaurant. The Goods is celebrated for its delicious, healthy offerings, including gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free options.

Location: 279 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto

Parka Food Co.

A Queen West favorite, Parka Food Co. specializes in healthier comfort food. Menu highlights include portobello mushroom burgers with crispy onion rings, carrot and nutritional yeast mac and cheese, and house-made sodas. It’s known for its minimalist decor, a few dine-in tables, and glass-counter food prep, striking the perfect balance between comfort and health.

Location: 424 Queen St West, Toronto

Cafe 668

While vegan dining is trendy, Cafe 668 has been a Dundas West staple for years, serving Asian vegan and vegetarian dishes to a devoted clientele. Known for its rich mushroom flavors and plant-based mock meat dishes, it’s a must-visit for anyone exploring Toronto’s vegan scene.

Location: 668 Dundas St West, Toronto


Part of the “Vegandale” neighborhood in Parkdale, Doomie’s has made waves with its fast food menu that’s all about being meat-free rather than health-focused. Famous for its vegan Big Mac, the restaurant also offers plant-based chicken sandwiches and jackfruit pulled pork burgers. Now located within the Vegandale Brewery, Doomie’s is open seven days a week, though takeout is not available.

Location: 1346 Queen Street West, Toronto

These Toronto vegan eateries prove that plant-based dining can be as diverse and satisfying as any traditional restaurant, making them must-visits for vegans and the veg-curious alike.

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