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The Best Things to Do in Toronto With Kids

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Embarking on an adventure day trip or planning a weekend escape close to Toronto? Dive into these thrilling and active trip ideas that will immerse you in the great outdoors, showcasing the stunning beauty of Ontario’s top vacation destinations across all seasons.

These destinations offer a blend of educational, historical, and thrilling experiences that showcase the diverse attractions Toronto and its surroundings have to offer, ensuring memorable adventures for visitors of all ages.

Get Electrified at the Ontario Science Centre

Experience the shock of science in the best way possible at the Ontario Science Centre. Feel your hair stand on end with the Van de Graaff generator, and dare to order a virtual dish of millipedes at the Bug Bistro, part of the “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” exhibit. It’s an intriguing way to learn about entomophagy, the human consumption of insects, and explore the boundaries of traditional cuisine.

Step Into History at Casa Loma

Casa Loma, resembling more a true British castle than a mere wealthy Canadian residence, stands as a testament to Toronto’s opulent past. Constructed in the early 1920s by Sir Henry Pellatt, an energy magnate with grand visions, this castle-turned-museum and historic landmark has weathered financial upheavals to emerge as one of Toronto’s most enchanting attractions. Whether exploring its ornate rooms, playing knight in its twin turrets, or strolling through the illuminated gardens, Casa Loma promises a magical journey through history.

Discover Marine Wonders at Ripley’s Aquarium

A visit to Ripley’s Aquarium, nestled at the base of the CN Tower, is an unforgettable experience for families, marine enthusiasts, and curious explorers alike. From petting rays to overnight stays, the aquarium offers a global showcase of underwater life, complemented by educational lectures, day camps, yoga, photography classes, and even Friday night jazz concerts. The highlight? A journey through the aquarium tunnel on a moving walkway, surrounded by sharks and a myriad of marine creatures.

The AGO, a sanctuary of art and beauty, continually captivates with its diverse and meticulously curated exhibitions. From the posthumous celebration of David Bowie to the fantastical worlds of Guillermo Del Toro in ‘At Home with Monsters’, the AGO offers a rich tapestry of artistic exploration. The children’s arts and crafts room, in particular, provides a peaceful haven for families to engage creatively.

Step Back in Time at the Royal Ontario Museum

With its life-size dinosaur skeletons and an eerily realistic bat cave, the Royal Ontario Museum is a treasure trove for aspiring paleontologists and biologists of all ages. It’s a place where history comes alive, offering a captivating journey through the natural world.

Honor Hockey Greats at the Hockey Hall of Fame

Home to the Stanley Cup, the Hockey Hall of Fame celebrates the rich history of field hockey with an extensive collection of artifacts, trophies, and immersive 3D film screenings. Challenge animated hockey legends and delve deep into the sport’s storied past.

Thrill-Seek at Canada’s Wonderland

For a day of endless fun, Canada’s Wonderland offers thrilling rides, Splash Works—an aquatic paradise with Canada’s largest outdoor wave pool—and slides to entertain even the most energetic visitors.

Embark on a Pirate Adventure at Pirate Life

The newly introduced Pirate Life attraction on Centre Island is perfect for young adventurers. Engage in a treasure hunt that captivates the imagination of children and adults alike, setting sail for a memorable experience.

Relax at The Beaches

Experience the tranquility of Kew Beach, a serene escape with playgrounds, jetties, and open spaces for dogs, all within minutes of downtown Toronto. It’s a place where freedom and beauty converge, offering breathtaking views of the city skyline.

Conquer Heights at the CN Tower

Toronto’s iconic CN Tower, a symbol recognized worldwide, offers breathtaking views across Lake Ontario and the sprawling cityscape. For the brave, the “Edgewalk” allows you to dangle 356 meters above the ground, offering an unparalleled perspective of Toronto.

Get Creative at Legoland Discovery Centre

After museum explorations, let the kids unleash their energy at Legoland Discovery Centre, nestled in a suburban shopping center. While parents might find the entrance fee steep, the children’s joy in the Lego world, complete with rides and a 4D cinema, makes it a worthwhile visit for those colder days.

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