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Vancouver 2 Bike Itineraries

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Named the world’s third most livable city and a true cyclist’s paradise, Vancouver is a beacon of urban harmony nestled between the breathtaking Rockies and the expansive Pacific. This gem of the west coast is a playground for New Age enthusiasts, outdoor sports aficionados, and those fortunate enough to call it home. Our own journey to Vancouver confirmed it: this city isn’t just living up to its reputation; it’s setting the bar sky-high!

Vancouver’s ambition to be the greenest city is evident in its extensive network of bike lanes and a robust bike-sharing program. Places like The Opus not only offer stylish accommodations but also provide guests with complimentary access to a fleet of bicycles ranging from cruisers to mountain bikes, making it effortless to embark on an urban adventure.

We’ve curated two distinct itineraries to showcase Vancouver’s dual personality. Whether you’re drawn to the tranquil vibes of Kitsilano or the pulsating energy of Gastown, Vancouver promises an experience that will leave you enriched and exhilarated.

With every pedal stroke, you’re invited to explore, to change, and to discover not just Vancouver, but a new version of yourself.

Option 1: The Flower Child

The Kitsilano neighbourhood, with its legacy as a hippie sanctuary, still pulses with a spirit of peace, love, and harmony.


Café Zen, a contradiction in terms only by name, kicks off the day with a vibe as relaxed as its plaid-patterned tablecloths and as hearty as its Lumberjack breakfast. It’s the perfect fuel for a day spent exploring the natural beauty of Kits Beach, a jewel that’s caught the eye of global beach connoisseurs, including Reuters.

Kits Beach

Here, the options are endless: tennis, swimming in the heated saltwater pool, or lounging on log benches, all with the backdrop of Vancouver’s stunning landscape.


Fable, under the guidance of head chef Trevor Bird, is a testament to the farm-to-table movement, serving up dishes that are as ethical as they are delicious, proving that sustainability can indeed be scrumptious.

Spanish Banks

A leisurely ride along West 4th Avenue reveals jaw-dropping mountain views, leading you to Spanish Banks for an afternoon of relaxation or beach volleyball.

Hadden Park

The surreal beauty of Hadden Park offers the perfect setting for stand-up paddleboard yoga, a novel way to achieve Zen while floating on the calm waters.

Option 2: The Trendsetter

Gastown’s cobblestone streets are a gateway to innovation, hosting a vibrant café culture and cutting-edge culinary experiences.


Revolver sets the standard for coffee excellence, offering a Tasting Flight that’s a caffeinated journey through quality and craftsmanship.

Picnic Preparations

Before the lunchtime crowd, snag sandwiches from Meat & Bread or the artisanal bread at Nelson the Seagull, and don’t forget a unique treat from Cartems Donuterie.

Stanley Park

Canada Place is your gateway to Stanley Park, where urban sophistication meets wild nature. This sprawling rainforest, just moments from downtown, is a sanctuary for wildlife and a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

English Bay

English Bay offers a picturesque spot for a waterfront picnic, where the exotic blend of palm trees and flowers accentuates the unique West Coast vibe.

Hiking and Mountain Biking

Challenge yourself with the Grouse Grind or explore Canada’s premier off-road trails with Endless Biking. Whether you’re hiking up steep trails or biking through rugged terrain, you’re in for an unforgettable adventure.

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