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Vancouver’s Best Cheap Eats

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Vancouver, nestled on the west coast of British Columbia, is celebrated as one of Canada’s most picturesque cities. However, it’s also known for its steep living costs, including the highest rental prices in the country.

Yet, for travelers, Vancouver’s costliness translates into a vibrant scene of affordable dining options that extend well beyond the typical fast-food fare.

The city’s dedication to healthy living, coupled with its multicultural fabric, ensures a plethora of delectable and budget-friendly food choices. Here are some standout cheap eats in Vancouver that are a must-try.

La Taqueria, Pinche Taco Shop

La Taqueria is a testament to Vancouver’s local entrepreneurial spirit, evolving from a single outlet serving $2.50 tacos to six locations, including an expansion into Victoria. Staying true to their origins, they prioritize local and organic ingredients, offering traditional recipes with a modern twist. The latest addition to their menu includes vegan cheese options for tacos, with potential expansion into quesadillas and burritos.

Their daily happy hour from 3-6pm is a popular spot for locals transitioning from work to evening leisure.

La Taqueria Locations: 322 W Hastings St, 586 Hornby St, 1305 Welch St, 2521 Main St, 2450 Yukon St


Japadog has redefined street food in Vancouver, elevating the humble hot dog with Japanese-inspired toppings like mayonnaise and seaweed. Launched in 2005 by a Japanese couple new to Canada, Japadog overcame initial challenges to become a beloved fixture. Beyond their street carts, Japadog now operates a brick-and-mortar restaurant for year-round enjoyment.

Japadog Address: 530 Robson Street

Bon’s Off Broadway

A favorite among students and those seeking a filling meal without breaking the bank, Bon’s Off Broadway is famed for its all-day $2.95 breakfast. The diner’s old-school charm and diverse clientele, from students to professionals reminiscing simpler times, make it a welcoming spot for all.

Bon’s Off Broadway Address: 2451 Nanaimo Street, Vancouver, BC

Viet Sub

Viet Sub, a popular choice on Robson for lunch, offers crispy banh mi subs and noodle soups, all affordably priced under $9. To avoid lines, order in advance for pickup or delivery.

Viet Sub Locations: 520 Robson Street and 1682 Robson Street

New Town Bakery and Restaurant

Since 1980, New Town Bakery and Restaurant in Chinatown (and Surrey) serves as a Chinese bakery and full-service restaurant. Famous for its steamed buns, especially the barbecued pork bun, and an array of vegetarian options, it provides filling meals at modest prices. While select items are discounted after 6pm, the bakery’s popularity means it’s wise to visit early for the best deals.

New Town Bakery and Restaurant Address: 148 East Pender Street

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