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Middle East

From the Golan Heights to the Negev, Israel is home to some spectacular wineries. To date, there are approximately 300 dotted along the country. That is quite remarkable considering that two decades ago, there were fewer than ten wineries in total with some older than the nation itself.
The term “Holy Land” is often used to describe Israel. While it may be accurate, it might also give you the idea that there’s not much fun to be had. But think again. There are (also) lots of exhilarating things to do.
Here are some well-kept secrets of Tel Aviv, “city that never sleeps”, for gourmets, night owls, beach lovers or culture buffs.
With its ancient stones, far-reaching history and state-of-the-art skyscrapers, Israel radiates a certain energy and vitality you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s a look at Jerusalem, a city with a love of life and an extraordinary heritage.
Shiny skyscrapers, Art Deco-era buildings, and cool bars and restaurants loaded with stylish people—it’s easy to forget that Tel-Aviv is a very old place.
From dynamic Tel Aviv to controversial Jerusalem, zooming through bucolic Galilee and surprising Dead Sea, here are a few of the simply-can’t-miss things to do in Israel and the holy land, whatever the purpose of your trip.
Tel Aviv is a remarkably easy city to get settled in. And once the pattern is established—the morning bagel, walks in the sunshine, lunch by the sea, etc. —Tel Aviv becomes a very difficult city to leave.