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Kayaking, Biking and Hiking in Mont-Tremblant Park

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Sprawling nature in Quebec is abundant, and the Lanaudière region is no different. An ideal destination for lovers of the great outdoors, this enormous green space is ideal for those seeking wide open spaces and fresh Northern air. Even though we tend to associate the Mont Tremblant National Park with the Diable sector in the Laurentians, a large part of it is in Lanaudière. For total immersion in these landscapes, head to the Grand-Pin Campsite in l’Assomption and go hiking in Lanaudière.

Starting point: the Grand-Pin Campsite

One thing you definitely shouldn’t miss is the Grand-Pin Campsite. It is located a few kilometers to the north of the small village of Saint-Côme, along L’Assomption Lake, where houses begin to give way to dense forests.

Calm and secluded, it offers a privileged contact with the great natural wealth of the Mont-Tremblant National Park. What’s more, access to a wide range of nearby activities means you can spend an excellent time here without having to travel long distances. It’s the perfect place for hiking in Lanaudière!

Activities to do in Mont-Tremblant Park


Why not start your day of hiking in Lanaudière with a scenic mountain bike trip? A seven kilometer round-trip ride on a dirt path through the heart of the forest will let you stretch your legs, all while enjoying the beautiful views of the lake. This loop around L’Assomption Lake is short but a bit challenging, so make sure to plan accordingly if you want to preserve your energy.


Halfway through the bike route there is a pleasant three kilometer hiking path that leads you to the forest and lake. Once at the lake you face a question—admire it from afar, or dive in? The choice is yours.

Pro tip: Make sure you grab an information guide when you get to the park. That way, you can learn about this rich natural and historic environment while having some outdoor fun. And if you’re interested in ornithology, there’s a wooden tower where you can admire different species of birds without disturbing them.

Take your binoculars and camera with you to make hiking in Lanaudière unforgettable.


You can also take this opportunity to take a kayak trip from the lake to a nearby dam. This roughly eight kilometer round-trip ride is very much worth doing, but not mandatory, as you can also choose to simply get lost in the natural beauty surrounding the lake and slowly paddle and float the day away.

Look out for some loons along the way!


At the Grand-Pin Campsite, you’ll find everything you need if you want to stay for the night. It’s easily accessible, small and offers plenty of privacy. It’s also well-equipped, clean, and, despite its remote feeling, relatively close to the amenities of modern civilization.

And what better way to round off a great day’s hiking in Lanaudière than with a roast marshmallow around a campfire?

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