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7 Best Beaches in Costa Rica

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Dive into the heart of Central America with a sun-soaked escapade to Costa Rica, a paradise where the Pacific Ocean winks at the Caribbean Sea. With a coastline that’s a flirt with travelers, declaring the “best” beach in Costa Rica is like choosing your favorite star in the sky – each one sparkles with its own allure.

Ready to bask in the sun-drenched glory of Costa Rica? Here are 7 beaches that promise more than just a tan; they offer a ticket to transformation.

Each beach in Costa Rica is a doorway to new experiences, friendships, and memories waiting to be cherished. They’re not just places on a map but milestones in the journey of life, promising that you’ll come back changed, with stories that echo the transformative power of travel.


Welcome to the life of the party, Tamarindo! This beach is like the cool kid on the Costa Rican block, boasting swanky resorts, cozy rental apartments, and a smorgasbord of restaurants and bars. Catch the wave of excitement here, with surfing by day and clinking glasses at beachside bars by sunset. Tamarindo isn’t just a place; it’s an experience, where every moment pulses with an infectious energy.

Manuel Antonio

Nestled within a national park, Manuel Antonio is the serene counterpart to Tamarindo’s vivacity. Unmarred by development, this beach whispers the tales of the rainforest to its white sands and warm waters. Here, sunbathing is only the prelude to the real adventure: meeting the colorful locals, from chatty tropical birds to laid-back sloths and playful monkeys. It’s a place where nature’s vibrancy paints every day.

Playa Uvita

Playa Uvita, a hidden gem in Marino Ballena National Park, shines brightest from December through April when humpback whales journey to these nurturing Pacific waters. Beyond the whale watching, the crystal-clear waters beckon snorkelers and scuba divers into their depths, while Playa Hermosa offers waves that surfers dream of. It’s a call to the wild, wrapped in the tranquility of nature.


Forget the revenge; Montezuma is all about the peace, love, and surf. This beach is a melting pot of hippies, Rastafarians, yogis, and surfers, all living in harmony with the rhythm of the waves. With white sands for sunbathers, surf beaches for wave chasers, and a backdrop of waterfalls and wildlife, Montezuma is the soul of Costa Rica. Just watch your lunch; the monkeys are notorious food critics!


Jaco serves up the perfect wave for surf aficionados on a budget. With affordable eats, lively nightlife, and a range of digs from hostels to resorts, it’s a stone’s throw from San Jose and offers a different kind of family fun. Think of Jaco as the wild child of Costa Rican beaches, where the party never stops and the waves are always ready for the next dance.


A haven for eco-enthusiasts, Tortuguero is where the jungle whispers secrets to the sea. This slice of paradise in Tortuguero National Park is a mosaic of exotic wildlife, including endangered species and nesting sea turtles. Inaccessible by land, it’s an adventure just getting here, with a world of discovery waiting by boat or kayak. Tortuguero is not just a beach; it’s a pledge to conservation and a testament to the beauty of the wild.

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