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The Ultimate Guide to the Best All Inclusive Family Resorts this Summer

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Wondering which of the best all inclusive family resorts to book for your summer vacation? Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba and Jamaica are all home to kid-friendly resorts that guarantee sun, fun and memories to last a lifetime. And with the Transat Family Collection, your family vacation will be filled with benefits and inclusive rates tailored specifically for the little ones!

Now, are you wondering why you should head south this summer? It turns out that even in summer, the tropics come with their own set of delightful perks.

May through August often signal a slowdown in tourist traffic. This drop in visitors means your family can enjoy more space and less competition for the best spots on sun-drenched beaches and shorter lines at adventure parks – every parent’s dream! And with the drop in demand comes attractive pricing on accommodations. Most all-inclusive resorts are not just open year-round; they in fact lower their prices during the summer months, making South summer vacations a budget-friendly option for families. This affordability extends to family suites, gourmet meals, premium services and all-inclusive packages, allowing guests to indulge a little more or extend their vacation without breaking the bank.

With uncrowded beaches, lush scenery, great inclusive rates and pleasantly warm waters, there’s a treasure trove of activities for the whole family… whether it’s exploring ancient ruins in Mexico, pampering at the adults-only spa in Jamaica, snorkeling in the translucent waters of the Dominican Republic or ziplining through the lush forests of Costa Rica!

What are the best all inclusive family resorts? Book the Transat Family Collection to find out!

The Transat Family Collection offers an array of perks and inclusive packages designed to make your family vacation as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. Enjoy spacious rooms, kids’ clubs that entertain and engage, and services tailored to the needs of family. With special discounts for children, and you’ve got a recipe for a stress-free holiday where everyone, from toddlers to teens, finds their slice of happiness. Quality family time guaranteed! 

best all inclusive family resorts in the South promo

Family benefits vary between:

  • Airport transfers as part of Transat packages
  • Kids stay and eat free
  • Deals for teens (13-17 years old)
  • Early check-in or late checkout to make life a little easier for you
  • Extended Kids’ Club hours to give you a little break to relax
  • Access to on-site water park
  • Standard seat assignment so your family can sit together
  • Solo parent promo so you can travel alone with your kids for less
  • Free WiFi

The best all inclusive family resorts in Cuba

Cuba, with its stunning shallow beaches and crystal-clear waters, is a paradise for families with young children. In fact, the island’s coastline is dotted with beaches that feature soft sand and gentle waves, creating a safe environment for young children to play and paddle. The clear, shallow waters and gentle waves allow parents to relax while children can comfortably wade and splash a few steps from shore. A perfect destination for introducing young children to the joys of the ocean!

The best all inclusive family resort in Jamaica

Jamaica is an ideal destination for a family vacation, especially in the beautiful Montego Bay area, renowned for its stunning beaches and family-friendly atmosphere. The region provides a perfect backdrop for families to unwind together, offering both breathtaking scenery and top-notch amenities. Montego Bay features a variety of all-inclusive resorts that cater specifically to families, ensuring that every family member has an unforgettable experience. Among these, one resort particularly excels at combining luxury, comfort, and endless activities that cater to all ages, making it a standout choice for family getaways in Jamaica.

The best all inclusive family resorts in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an exceptional destination for families who want to immerse themselves in nature and embark on exciting adventures! Dive in the vibrant underwater world with snorkeling expeditions that reveal colorful coral reefs. On land, explore dense rainforests, home to an array of wildlife and exotic plants.

The best all inclusive family resorts in Mexico

Is Cancun family-friendly? Indeed it is. There’s an astounding number of hotels catering to both kids and adults, with something for everyone, from luxury villas to budget-friendly inclusive resorts.

Cancun is not only a haven of stunning beaches but also a vibrant hub of culture and cuisine, ideal for families eager to enhance their vacation with enriching and flavorful experiences. This destination offers an excellent chance to delve into the ancient Mayan civilization with visits to iconic ruins like Chichen Itza and Tulum, which provide awe-inspiring insights into the rich heritage and remarkable accomplishments of the Mayans. This makes Cancun a compelling destination for those looking to combine family time, beach relaxation with cultural depth, and gourmet meals!

The best all inclusive family resort in Costa Rica

The Papagayo region in Costa Rica is a pristine haven perfect for families eager to immerse themselves in nature. Known for its rich biodiversity and unspoiled landscapes, Papagayo offers abundant wildlife and lush rainforests that are ideal for exploratory nature walks. Families can enjoy spotting exotic animals like sloths and colorful parrots, or delve into marine life through snorkeling in the clear coastal waters.

Active adventures are plentiful too, with opportunities to hike near live volcanoes and learn about the area’s dynamic geology. Papagayo’s commitment to conservation ensures these natural wonders are preserved, making every visit not just a vacation, but a valuable lesson in environmental stewardship.

There aren’t many all-inclusive resorts in the area, but here’s one you can’t overlook for family time in the tropical jungle of Central America.

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