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4 Hiking Trails to Discover Guadeloupe on Foot

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Guadeloupe, an amazing destination with a variety of landscapes, offers hikers several mythical trails. From the sulfur-scented summit of La Soufrière to the coastal trails, each route reveals the wild, unspoiled beauty of the archipelago, one of the most iconic islands in the Lesser Antilles. Discover its hidden treasures with these four itineraries made for hiking in Guadeloupe.

This small French department, known as the “Butterfly Island,” lost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, will enchant even the most adventurous.

Hiking La Soufrière in Guadeloupe

The highest point of the island is the volcano La Soufrière, aptly named “The Old Lady”. At 1,467 meters, it towers over the entire archipelago.

This hike in western Guadeloupe is an unforgettable experience, especially on a clear day when the view stretches from the islands of Dominica to the Caribbean Sea. However, you must manage your expectations, as the weather at the top of La Soufrière is only good for a few days a year. Horizontal rain and dense fog are more likely!

The 3-hour round trip is not just a climb to the top, it’s an exploration of the island’s natural riches. On the way down, be sure to relax at the Bains Jaune, a natural pool fed by a hot spring. It’s the ideal place to soothe your muscles after a hard day’s work and complete your journey.

If you’re going to hike up Soufrière, don’t forget to bring good hiking boots and plenty of water, as the trail can be challenging and slippery. The technical difficulty can be high in places, especially on the last stretch with uneven ground and strong winds.

Guadeloupe’s most beautiful hikes: the Douaniers trail

The Douaniers trail offers a completely different experience. It’s a very dry trail, completely different from the first one, which reveals the diversity of Guadeloupe’s landscapes.

This dry trail runs along the north coast of Grande-Terre, where you’ll walk right on the coral by the sea. It’s a great Guadeloupe hiking option for those who love the open sea and want to explore the coast in a unique way.

Remember to bring sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water as this route can be quite sunny.

Hiking in Guadeloupe: the Crêtes trail

For a real adventure in the heart of wild Guadeloupe, the Crêtes de Basse-Terre trail is a must.

It takes four days to cross the entire center of the island through lush tropical forest. It’s an experience rich in discovery and encounters with local flora and fauna.

You’ll sleep in a bivouac in the middle of the rainforest. It’s an ideal option for those on a budget who want to experience a true immersion in nature without the danger. After all, there are no poisonous snakes in Guadeloupe.

Easy Hiking in Guadeloupe: The Carbet Falls

Chutes du Carbet - - randonnée en Guadeloupe hiking

Located in the Guadeloupe National Park, the Carbet Falls are a series of spectacular waterfalls, some of the highest in the Caribbean. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in Basse-Terre and one of the most magnificent hikes in Guadeloupe.

The hike to these falls is a magical experience, passing through a dense rainforest where lush vegetation and abundant wildlife accompany you. The well-marked trail, initially on wooden boardwalks, leads to the first two falls, which offer breathtaking views and natural pools for cooling off. The second waterfall is particularly impressive with a height of 110 meters. Allow about 4 hours for this moderately challenging hike.

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