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Top 10 Must-See Destinations in Colombia

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From arid deserts to lush tropical forests, from idyllic beaches to snow-capped peaks, Colombia offers an unparalleled diversity of landscapes. But that’s not all – add to that a rich and vibrant culture, archaeological treasures and incredible hospitality, and there’s no doubt about it: Colombia is a traveller’s paradise.

Still not convinced to travel to Colombia? Here’s our top 10 list of heavenly destinations in Colombia.

The Archipelago of San Andrés

Cayo Bolivar, San Andres, Colombia

Located 700km off the northern coast of Colombia, the archipelago of San Andrés and Providencia is a postcard paradise. White sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of varying shades of blue invite you to take a nap in the shade of coconut palms. On San Andrés, the main island, you’ll be lulled by the rhythms of reggae and tropical music. You can also dive and snorkel in the world’s second largest coral reef.


Ville de Taganga, Santa Marta, Colombie

Just 5km from Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast, Taganga is a small fishing village that has captivated many travellers. The mountains surrounding the beaches add to the charm of the place. Taganga is also known for its numerous diving sites.

Las Islas de Rosario

Playa Blanca, Colombie

Close to the stunning city of Cartagena, this archipelago of 27 islands is accessible all day by organised excursions. It is a natural park where you can discover marine life at the open-air aquarium on San Martin Island. If you’re lucky, you might be greeted by dolphins before ending the day relaxing in Playa Blanca.

Tayrona National Park

Parc national de Tayrona en Colombie

Our favourite little paradise is located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, a few kilometres from the town of Santa Marta. It has it all: pristine paradise beaches, a mountain covered in lush vegetation, indigenous people who have preserved their traditional way of life, and strict but fair rules to protect this gem. It is without doubt the most beautiful place we’ve ever visited.

A tip: prefer the “low season” between September and November to fully appreciate the place.

The Cocora Valley

Les palmiers géants de la vallée de Cocora en Colombie

Huge palm trees in the mountains, among cows and hummingbirds. No, we’re not kidding, this is the Cocora Valley. Everyone will be amazed by this valley, just a short walk from the charming colonial village of Salento, for a simple family stroll or an all-day hike.

From Barichara to Guane

Vue des montagnes de Barichara, Colombie

Barichara is a colonial village considered to be the most beautiful in Colombia, and we agree! Complemented by an impressive cathedral, the pretty houses with white and green facades and ochre roofs form a harmonious ensemble.

A 9km hike from Barichara to the village of Guane follows an ancient pre-Columbian cobbled path and is the perfect opportunity to discover the surrounding countryside, lined with cacti and other exotic plants.

The Tatacoa Desert

Paysage colombien

Vast, hot, contrasting, dry: this is the mystical Tatacoa Desert. Between the ochre-coloured part, sculpted by the rare heavy rains, and the white desert, full of fossils and petrified trees, it feels like a journey to another planet.

San Agustin

Statues de San Augustin

Interested in pre-Columbian culture and history? Then San Agustin is the place for you. The town and its surroundings contain some of the oldest archaeological remains in South America. The zoomorphic sculptures and burial sites of San Agustin belong to a civilisation that has yet to reveal all its secrets. The various sites can be explored on foot, horseback or by jeep along an impressive canyon.

Cartagena de Indias

Statues de la Plaza San Pedro Claver

Cartagena is a city steeped in history and culture. This charming colonial city has something to offer even the most discerning traveller, whether you’re looking for architectural wonders, cultural hotspots or a vibrant nightlife.

It’s no coincidence that Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Colombia’s most famous writer, chose to live here.


Colombia is the other country of salsa, and vibrant Cali is its epicentre. Whether you’re an expert salsero or a beginner, it’s the perfect place to take lessons and spend wild nights on the dance floor. The Feria de Cali, held annually from 25 to 30 December, features a renowned salsa festival, beauty pageants, parades and numerous shows. It’s a unique opportunity to feel the full energy of Colombia.

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