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Our colleague Chrystal Healy is not only our Vice-President Corporate Responsability, she’s also Samuel’s mom, a curious and friendly 8-year old boy with autism and a keen interest in all things pilots and planes! With their experience in mind, we put together a few tested and tried travel tips for children with autism to help make the travel experience as smooth as possible.

Air Transat flight attendant Anne-Sophie Millette shares her career path and explains what it takes to be a flight attendant.
Sifnos is not only the gastronomic capital of the Cyclades, but also a charming island with traditional villages and unspoilt beaches.
With the help of our colleague Chrystal Healy and her son Samuel, we put together a few tips to ensure a smooth travel experience for children on the autism spectrum.
Direct flights from London Gatwick year-round make this Montreal city break an ideal destination. Find out what to do in this short guide!
Featured Destination - Scotland

Featured destination



Scotland is a land of rugged beauty, complex history, and vibrant gaelic culture.

Book direct flights to Glasgow to discover the city’s transformation, from its industrial past to its trendsetting locales. Explore the country’s windswept coastline along the NC500 trail, visiting castles dating back to the 16th century and dine in countryside pubs that come alive every weekend for the local ceilidh. Hop on a ferry onwards to the truly breathtaking Hebrides Islands or even closer still, the Isle of Skye. Head to the Highlands say hello to Nessie, Loch Ness’s most famous resident, and may be even plan a hike at Ben Nevis if that’s your thing. Oh, and why not throw in a whisky distillery while you’re there?

Whatever you decide, Scotland will not disappoint. But maybe bring a raincoat, just in a case.

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Mindful of the world around us, Transat is committed to operating in a sustainable manner for our customers, our employees and our communities, at home and abroad.


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