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4 Destinations to Come Back Changed from Your South Vacation

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Ah, winter! The season we all love to hate. Mittens still wet, snow in the boots, sleet whipping our faces, and the feeling of never seeing daylight because of the late hours. It’s also the season when it’s warm in the subway, but as soon as you step outside, you feel like a snowman in training. But guess what? You have the power to change all that. Travel, wherever you go, can take you far away from these winter clichés. Forget the daily grind and let your sense of adventure take over. It’s time to come out of your shell, meet new people, and dive headfirst into a reality that bears no resemblance to routine.

Let yourself be swept away by the discoveries and surprises that await you.

If you only pretended to hold the doors open.

At the Dreams Macao Beach Punta Cana Resort & Spa, you can forget about lifting a finger – except for that crucial one to sip your cocktail, of course! Picture this: You, chilling with a fancy drink on a sunny beach, in swanky digs so cozy that winter will become a distant memory. Imagine getting pampered at the spa or just lazing by the pool while the little ones go bonkers at the water park. This resort? It’s like an exclusive backstage pass to a world of never-ending indulgence!

If you’re wearing sunglasses to avoid eye contact.

And after the sun calls it a day, you won’t want to part with your sunglasses. Why, you ask? Because you won’t want to miss the spectacular sunset show that Mother Nature puts on over the Pacific every evening. You’ll be soaking up those vibrant hues from the beach, your private balcony, or while sipping cocktails by the saltwater pool.

This intimate resort oozes character and colonial charm, serves up gourmet delights, and boasts sunsets that are simply unbeatable. In fact, CC Beach Front Papagayo offers not just memorable moments but also a stylish reason to let your inner Corey Hart take over and wear those sunglasses at night!

If someone’s breathing sets you off.

Let’s put it bluntly: Hiking in Peru is like having a VIP pass to the world’s most breathtaking gym! You will kiss goodbye to sweaty strangers on treadmills and say hello to solo treks on some of Latin America’s most awe-inspiring trails. From the rugged beauty of the Andes to the serene solitude of the Amazon jungle, the only sounds you’ll hear are birds chirping and the wind whispering sweet nothings.

So why not try something a tad different this year? Your hiking boots are probably begging for an adventure.

If social media is as social as you get.

Cozumel Island is where travelers can finally live out their dream of being alone on a deserted island, minus the whole castaway drama! Whether your clients fancy snorkeling in splendid solitude or sunbathing at Santa Pilar beach with just the iguanas for company, this is the place where tranquility reigns supreme. This peaceful Mexican paradise is their golden ticket to escape the crowds and bask in the art of serene silence. It’s all possible at the all-inclusive Melia Cozumel, especially if they opt for The Level upgrade. Not only will they get top-notch personal service, but they’ll also enjoy access to exclusive areas, private check-in, breakfast in a swanky members-only lounge, and their very own Bali beds on the beach. Absolute and total serenity guaranteed!

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