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9 Spots for the Best Panoramic Views of London: A Sky-High Adventure

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London was built mostly horizontally, not vertically like many other world capitals. Nevertheless, its varied cartography makes it an undeniable magnet. Here’s a list of places (most of them free) with the best views of London, so you can see the city from every angle.

From the Sky Garden to the City’s skyscrapers, from beautiful parks to hidden treasures. There’s no shortage of ways to get a panoramic views of the city of London!

Which park in London has the best views? Primrose Hill!

This 10-meter-high promontory is a great way to take in the panoramic views of London. Breathe in the fresh air away from the tourists, mingle with local celebrities and grab a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants… now that’s a plan! Whether you’re looking for a picnic lunch or a little cider at sunset, Primrose Hill is the place to be.

It has to be said that the area, located in the north of London and its extreme center, is one of the most enviable. You’ll find sparse views of London’s skyscrapers and Regent’s Park in a green setting lined with mature trees.

Another option as far as the best panoramic views in London is Hampstead Heath, of course, with its famed Parliament Hill.

OXO Tower, the most underrated free view of London

The underrated OXO Tower has long been part of the London landscape. Strangely, however, its outdoor terrace remains little known to tourists. It’s not explicitly open to the public, as it’s attached to a brasserie (which serves a rather colorful afternoon tea and quirky drinks). The waiters are happy to turn a blind eye if you don’t disturb the customers. The entrance to the terrace is to the right of the elevators, just before you enter the brasserie.

Tate Modern: best free panoramic view in London?

Undoubtedly the most beautiful free terrace in London, and the most popular with tourists! From the bay window of the Tate Modern restaurant you can see the Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral. It is located on the 5th floor of the central tower of this former power station. It’s the perfect place for a coffee break between exhibitions at this modern art museum.

To enjoy this magnificent view in a central location of London without spending any money, simply take a tour of the collections in the Blavatnik Wing and its balconies. Or better yet, make your way up to the Cafe on the 10th floor!

Unusual views of London: the IFS Cloud Cable Car ($)

Off the beaten path in a fast-growing neighborhood, this cable car crosses the River Thames and offers a breathtaking glimpse of the East London skyline. Its 90-meter height reveals the 2012 Olympic facilities, Canary Wharf’s financial center and the O2 Arena (an architectural marvel of controversial design that all Londoners loathe).

Highest view point in London: The Shard ($)

Welcome to the tallest skyscraper in Western Europe! At 72 stories and 309 meters high, the View from the Shard Observatory offers a 360-degree bird’s-eye view of London. Tower Bridge, the City skyscrapers and St Paul Cathedral are in plain view and are particularly impressive. On a clear day you can even see North London, the banks of the River Thames and Canary Wharf.

Worried about the steep entry price? Not problem. Head up to the 52nd floor for a drink at the Gong Bar, which is part of the five-star Shangri-La Hotel.Mind you, though, it’s a very chic place.  Dress to the nines to avoid being politely but firmly (in the most British way possible) denied entry.

Where can I see London views for free? Greenwich Royal Observatory!

The Greenwich Royal Observatory is located in the east of the city, accessible by boat and subway. It’s mostly known for its meridian, astronomical and naval history. But, surprise! It also offers unique views of London’s financial center, the Royal Dock, and Elizabeth I’s birthplace, the Old Royal Naval College.

And it’s one of London’s finest monuments in its own right, with architecture and history closely linked to the British Empire.

The Greenwic Peninsula is an ideal escape if you’re planning to spend several days in the capital and want to see something other than the extreme center. Trafalgar Tavern on the banks of the River Thames is well worth a visit.

The best secret panoramic views of London: the Garden Museum Tower ($)

Nestled in the heart of London, The Garden Museum Tower Observatory is a hidden treasure. It’s one of the best places for views of the River Thames, the London Eye and Parliament (including Big Ben!). This intimate perch is a gem for history and botany lovers. To enjoy this panoramic view, you must climb the 131 steps of this mythical 14th century tower.

A well-kept secret for a unique experience, at just a few pounds a ticket.

Restaurants with the best scenic views in London: Duck & Waffle / Sushisamba ($)

For a dining experience that literally elevates your panoramic views of London, make your way to the Heron Tower, conveniently located near Liverpool Street Station. Perched on the 39th floor, two remarkable restaurants await to enchant your senses. Here, you don’t just dine; you feast with a view of the scintillating London skyline.

Sushisamba steals the show with its expansive outdoor terrace and viewing platform, perfect for those Instagram-worthy moments. Imagine savoring delectable sushi with London’s architectural wonders stretching out beneath you. And the best part? The cuisine, despite its lofty location, remains surprisingly wallet-friendly.

For a unique twist, combat jet lag by embracing an early morning at Duck & Waffle. As the city stirs awake, treat yourself to breakfast while watching the sun paint the sky, bringing a new day to life over London.

Reservations are essential for these popular spots, so plan ahead to secure your seat in the sky.

Free rooftop views of London? Sky Garden!

Perched atop the renowned “Walkie-Talkie” skyscraper, London’s Sky Garden is a true masterpiece, a glittering crown jewel in the city’s urban landscape. As you stand 160 meters above ground in this enchanting hanging garden, you’re treated to a panoramic spectacle of the British capital like no other. Imagine gazing out over a sea of architectural marvels and historic sites, the city’s heartbeat beneath you.

This lush oasis, nestled amidst the towering skyscrapers of the City, London’s bustling financial district, offers a unique blend of nature and urban elegance. It truly is an unmissable spot for those seeking to experience the verdant, vertiginous wonders of London.

Admission to the viewing platform of this iconic Fenchurch Street building is free, but you must book your ticket online in advance.

New viewpoint in London: One New Change

Nestled right in the bustling center of the City, mere steps away from the iconic St Paul Cathedral, One New Change is a newly built building that seamlessly blends modern design with London’s historic charm. And here’s the cherry on top – the rooftop viewing platform is completely free!

Open daily from 6 AM to midnight, this terrace offers breathtaking views of the London skyline, with the city’s renowned landmarks providing a majestic backdrop.

This is definitely a great pick for the best panoramic views of London and the best free rooftop terrace!

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