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The Ultimate Guide to Groom’s Attire for Destination Weddings

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Imagine standing on a sun-drenched beach, the sound of the waves providing the perfect backdrop as you exchange your vows. While undeniably romantic, this setting presents a unique challenge: what should the groom wear to complement such a beautiful, warm-weather celebration? Let’s explore how to strike a balance between comfort, style and sophistication to ensure the groom looks impeccable and feels comfortable.

Find your style

When planning a destination wedding, the groom’s style should match the overall vibe of the celebration. Whether it’s a sophisticated soiree or a laid-back beach bash, there’s a perfect look for every groom. The key is to stay cool and stylish in the sun.

Suit up: the classic choice

For those who tend towards a classic style, a well-chosen suit can make a striking impression. The formality of a wedding calls for an impeccable suit that suits both the climate and the wedding style.

For beach weddings, choosing the right fabric and colour is crucial. Light colours such as white, light grey and blue are ideal as they keep the look fresh and clean. Sun-friendly patterns such as seersucker can also add a touch of elegance. Avoid dark colours, heavy fabrics and synthetics. Light colours reflect the sun and help keep you cool, while breathable fabrics such as linen and cotton are perfect for staying comfortable.

For grooms looking for a less traditional look, try mixing and matching separates. A linen jacket paired with breezy cotton trousers and no tie makes for a relaxed yet stylish ensemble.

Accessorise to impress

Personalising your wedding look is all about the details. Play with different shirt colours and patterns to add a unique touch to your outfit. While white is timeless, shades of blue can look stunning against a beach backdrop. For the more adventurous groom, patterns, stripes and checks can add a fun twist to the look.

Shoes are another essential accessory to consider. Tailored loafers or brogues worn without socks can give a modern, trendy vibe. Suede, leather or canvas slip-ons with espadrille detailing are also in vogue. Trainers with suits are becoming increasingly popular; a classic white trainer can look effortlessly cool on the beach.

Finally, don’t forget your sunglasses! A stylish pair of sunglasses can add a touch of personality to your wedding outfit while protecting your eyes from the bright sun. It’s an easy and fabulous way to complete your beach wedding look.

By choosing the right fabrics, playing with colours and patterns and adding some stylish accessories, grooms can create a wedding look that is both comfortable and fashionable. So get ready to embrace the beach vibe and let your personality shine through your wedding attire.

After all, your wedding day is about creating memories that will last a lifetime, so why not do it in style?

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