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4 Great Gourmet Stops in Santorini, Greece

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In the heart of the Greek Cyclades, Santorini is sometimes a victim of its own popularity. There are many tourist traps here, from gyros stands to overpriced sunset terraces. After a few visits and a lot of research, I’ve found four restaurants that are worth a visit for their authenticity and quality.

To Psaraki Taverna – Vlychada, Santorini

When a restaurant features a simple, honest style of cooking and discreetly displays the acronym for “Aegean cuisine”, which certifies that the establishment uses local products and wine, I’m usually the first in line. But when I spotted this restaurant, overlooking the marina at the south end of the island, I thought it had to be a tourist trap. Not at all: it turns out the local sailors eat there regularly – and now I know why! Customers are invited into the kitchen to choose their own, freshly caught fish, and the restaurant also serves delicious fish carpaccio, stuffed grape leaves, Santorini tomato fritters and many more delights.

Metaxi Mas – Exo Gonia, Santorini

This ouzeria, whose name means between us, is a favourite among the locals for its many Cretan and Santorini specialties. Even the village’s Orthodox priest eats here! Situated inland, this little gem of a restaurant provides a different perspective on the beautiful island of Santorini.

Selene Meze & Wine – Pyrgos, Santorini

My friend, the pastry chef Patrice Demers, tells me Selene (Greek for moon) is the finest restaurant on the island. I’m sure he’s right, but while I was in Pyrgos I opted to have lunch in the restaurant’s annex, Selene Meze & Wine, which drew me in with its bistro-style menu and its focus on the culinary heritage of the Cyclades. The restaurant’s shelves display gorgeous staples of the Greek diet like olives, capers and dried tomatoes, which patrons can buy to enjoy at home. The restaurant also offers cooking classes and wine tasting. I know I’ll be going back!

Sigalas Estate

Visit the Sigalas Estate for a tour of the winery, with a tasting of 10 of this renowned estate’s wines.

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