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Sun, Sea, and Sand on Our Favorite Beaches in Cuba

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Cuba, the Caribbean’s largest and perhaps most charismatic island, is a sun-seeker’s paradise, bursting at the seams with vibrant culture and some of the most idyllic beaches you’ll ever set foot on. With over 300 beaches, each with its own unique personality, choosing the perfect sandy spot can be tricky.

Pack your bags, bring your spirit of adventure, and let Cuba change you, one beach at a time.

Varadero Beach

Meilleurs resorts à VARADERO - Melia Internacional - best resorts in Varadero

Imagine a stretch of sugar-white sand so long it seems to merge with the horizon. Welcome to Varadero Beach, Cuba’s beach belle. Spanning a whopping 20 kilometers, it’s not just a beach; it’s a destination in its own right. The azure waters here don’t just compete with the world’s best – they set the standard.

Varadero is more than just a pretty face; it’s versatile too! With its numerous luxury all-inclusive resorts, Varadero dances to the beat of every traveler’s drum. It’s a fantastic launchpad for exploring the rest of Cuba, including the rhythmic streets of Havana.

Best beach vacation near Havana: Playa del Estes

Playa del Estes, affectionately known as Havana’s beach backyard, is a 10 km stretch where the city’s rhythm meets the sea’s tranquility. It might not be as postcard-perfect as Varadero, but its proximity to Havana and those dreamy Caribbean waters make it a star in its own right.

Santa Maria, the jewel of this beach collection, is where you can mingle with locals, especially when the weekend rolls around. Affordable beach lounging options and a $5 hop-on-hop-off bus from Havana make this an irresistible day trip for sun, sea, and sand.

Playa Ancon

Head south and discover Playa Ancon, a hidden gem near the charming colonial city of Trinidad. Here, the adventure goes beyond sunbathing – think snorkeling among black coral and exotic fish, or fishing and diving. While the temptation to stay beachside is real, consider basing yourself in Trinidad. With its vibrant culture and convenient beach bus service, Trinidad is where your Cuban story really comes to life.

Best beaches in the Cayos

Meilleurs tout-inclus à Cuba - Tryp CAYO COCO - Beach Resorts in Cuba

Ah, the Cayos – Cuba’s tranquil northern treasure trove. A 13 km paradise where all-inclusive luxury meets Mother Nature’s finest work. Ideal for those who love their beach time peppered with a side of serenity, the Cayos are where you can truly switch off and unwind. Just remember, beyond the resort life, the Cayos are more about nature’s embrace than cultural escapades.

The best beaches in Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco, for instance, is often considered to be the best beach destination in Cuba. Playa Pilar and Playa Prohibida in particular are always huge crowd-pleasers!

The best beaches in Cayo Largo

From idyllic white-sand beaches with crystal clear waters, to rocky shores lapped by turquoise waves, Cayo Largo has a beach for those that love activity and watersports, for those who prefer to relax and do absolutely nothing, or even a beach for those that want to go au naturel.

Playa Blanca, Playa Sirena and Playa Paraiso are among the most popular.

The best beaches in Cayo Guillermo

This particular caye is home to stunning Caribbean panoramas, especially in Playa El Paso, Punta Rasa and Playa Playuelas. The latter is flanked by the top LGBTQ+ resort in Cuba, Gran Muthu Rainbow Hotel.

The best beaches in Cayo Santa Maria

Playa Perla Blanca, a quiet and picturesque gem, is a must-visit. Playa Las Caletas, Playa Canon, and Playa Cuatro Punta are other unbeatable options in Cayo Santa Maria. For a more active beach experience, Playa de las Gaviotas is perfect for water activities.

Beautiful beaches near Holguin: Guardalavaca

And then, there’s Guardalavaca. If it was good enough to impress Christopher Columbus, it’s certainly worth a visit! This 1500-meter stretch of beach near Holguin is a picturesque postcard come to life. With rolling hills, lush greenery, and a mix of tourists and locals, it’s a beach that truly reflects the heart of Cuba.

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