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Travel Quiz: Which of These Cities Will Be Your Next Getaway?

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Do you find yourself in desperate need of a getaway? Whether you’re a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie, a culture connoisseur, or a laid-back beach bum, we’ve got the perfect urban escape just for you. Take this fun quiz to discover your ideal travel destination based on your personality type and travel desires.

Plus, you’ll enjoy top-notch accommodations in vibrant neighborhoods with our partner Sonder whose goal is to provide a local feel with all the comfort of a hotel.

Grab your suitcase, your sense of adventure, and your +1: let’s find out which epic destination is calling your name!

Sonder in a nutshell

Who doesn’t love discovering the ideal home away from home? With Sonder’s mobile-first services, you can enjoy hotel amenities without the usual formalities. That’s exactly what Sonder is about: encouraging you to spend your getaway focused on making memories, not worried about your accommodation. They offer a wide range of stylish, spacious, and contemporary hotel rooms and apartments in more than 40 urban destinations throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada.

What you can expect:

24/7 customer support via the mobile app
Digital check-in
Free Wi-Fi
On-demand housekeeping
Premium bathroom amenities
Flexible cancellations
Neighborhood guides

What do you like to eat the most?

  1. Infinite amounts of small plates to share
  2. Sunday roasts
  3. Cacio e pepe on repeat
  4. Lean proteins and greens
  5. Cuban sandwiches all day, err’day

What’s your favourite thing to do on your first day in a new city?

  1. Book an architecture tour
  2. Hit an art museum
  3. Photograph the old cobblestone streets (with a film camera)
  4. Go on a coastal hike
  5. Find the beach

How would your best friend describe your vibe in three words?

  1. Larger than life
  2. Cool, calm, collected
  3. Artsy, characterful, “old soul”
  4. Radiant, high-profile, sophisticated
  5. Hot, hotter, hottest

What do you enjoy most doing at night?

  1. Attend a football game
  2. See a play at a historical theatre
  3. Book a wine bar tour
  4. Discuss French New Wave directors
  5. Drink cocktails on the rooftop of a luxury hotel

Why do you need a getaway?

  1. It’s my bestie’s birthday!
  2. I have nothing to wear and I need to do some proper shopping
  3. My partner and I need to re-ignite the flame
  4. I need to unplug and breathe in fresh, salty air
  5. The weather sucks where I am

You got a majority of 1’s: your city is Barcelona

Benvinguts! Barcelona is an electrifying playground if you’re seeking unforgettable experiences with your bestie. A kaleidoscope of excitement and culture, between the stunning third-wave coffeeshops, the world-class urbanism, the natural wine tapas bars, and of course, the legendary partying. Kick things off in the edgy El Raval, where vibrant streets double as open-air art galleries. For a beachfront bash, make a beeline for Barceloneta, where days are sun-soaked, paella is divine, and beachside bars crank up the heat after dark. Gràcia adds a bohemian twist with lively plazas and laid-back bars. In Eixample, revel in luxurious cocktails at chic lounges, while Poblenou blends creativity and beats in its craft beer havens.

Our favourite Sonder in Barcelona:

You got a majority of 2’s: your city is London

Cheers to cheeky London adventures! Rub shoulders with the British elite and embrace your inner Posh Spice in London! Immerse yourself in its authentic charm as you explore historic and off-the-beaten-path landmarks like the Tate Britain, Greenwich Royal Observatory, and the Globe Theatre. Sip pints at traditional yet underrated local pubs – think The Flask in Hampstead or The Holy Tavern in Farringdon, where history echoes in every creaking floorboard. If you’re in for retail therapy, you’ll find solace in in East London’s thrift shops, Oxford Street’s retail mecca, and the vintage treasures of Portobello Market.

Our favourite Sonder in London:

You got a majority of 3’s: your city is Rome

Rome is an exquisite tapestry of culture, romance, history, and enchantment that beckons you to discover its hidden treasures. While everyone’s busy swooning over the Colosseum and the Vatican, venture off the beaten path to unearth Rome’s best-kept gems. Explore the secluded Aventine Keyhole for a captivating peek at St. Peter’s Basilica. Stroll through the charming Trastevere district, where every timeless piazza has a story to tell and trattorias beckon with open arms. Discover the ancient thermal Baths of Caracalla complex. And as the sun slinks below the horizon, grab your lover’s hand, soak up the Tiber River’s romantic glow, and rekindle that fiery passion that brought you here. Ciao, mi amore.

Our favourite Sonder in Rome:

You got a majority of 4’s: your city is Nice

Saunter down the Promenade des Anglais with an air of faux aristocracy, because in Nice, pretending you’re part of the yacht set is half the fun. Zigzag through the Old Town, where getting lost is the new finding yourself, and every alley promises an adventure—or at least a great café. Ditch the diet for a day (or five) and dive into a sea of pain au chocolat, because in Nice, pastries count as a cultural immersion program, right? Toast the twilight with rosé, striking a pose as the sun plays filter for your impromptu photoshoot. Nice is more than a city; it’s a vibe, a flirtation with the good life, as if you were the main character in a French Riviera rom-com.

Our favourite Sonder in Nice:

You got a majority of 5’s: your city is Miami

Miami, a chic city that caters to chic travelers, is a dynamic playground where you can indulge in both upscale glamour and cultural pizzazz. During the day, dive headfirst into the vibrant rhythms of Little Havana. Sip cafecito like a local, practice your salsa moves, and dive into a Cuban sandwich showdown. In the moonlight, take charge of South Beach’s rooftop kingdom, where cocktails sparkle like liquid gemstones in your regal grasp. With the stars as your audience, toast to the fabulous life. Cruise to the Keys, where crystal-clear waters and island vibes give your vacation the ultimate encore. Miami’s like the coolest DJ mixing luxury, culture, and island life in the world’s grooviest vacation playlist. Because if you’re not singing “Welcome to Miami” every day in Miami, are you even on vacation?

Our favourite Sonder in Miami:

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