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Why Go to Cuba This Year?

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Looking for a place to visit on your next vacation? Why not Cuba? This Caribbean country offers both city and beach experiences, and it’s an affordable destination! Here are five great reasons to go to Cuba this year.

Whether you’re looking to relax, explore colonial towns, go on a tropical forest adventure or mingle with locals through music, Cuba has something in store for every kind of visitor.

Enjoy cheap all-inclusive packages in Cuba

Among sunny destinations, Cuba is often considered one of the most affordable places to stay. You can find numerous all-inclusive packages at impressive prices, with some costing less than $900 for a week!

Remember, Transat is the ideal partner to help you plan your sunshine trips. With more than 30 years of experience, we offer value-for-money packages with exclusive benefits at properties carefully selected by our team of specialists. We know what we’re doing!

What’s so special about Cuba? It’s got some of the world’s most beautiful beaches!

Is there anything more blissful than spending a day on the beach, book in hand, to truly feel like you’re on holiday? Fortunately, Cuba is renowned for its beautiful beaches that make such dreamy days a reality!

Cuba has no shortage of seaside resorts where you can relax and unwind! From Varadero to Holguin, each region offers fine white sand beaches bordered by crystal clear waters, each with their own unique touch. 

Whether you’re staying at a beachfront resort, visiting a city beach or relaxing on a secret secluded beach, you’re sure to find the perfect place to enjoy your holiday, the warm temperatures, the sun and maybe a little rum-filled Cuba Libre thrown in for good measure.

Why do people go to Cuba? To explore the Cuban tourism and culture.

The all-inclusive resorts selected by Transat offer a variety of excursions throughout the country. Culture, sea or forest adventures, crafts, architecture… Choose the theme that interests you most to discover the Cuban culture and create magical memories with friendly people you’ll meet along the way. Why not travel to Cuba to mingle with locals, listen to salsa music (maybe even try your luck at a few steps), visit a colonial town or visit a rum distillery? These are all worthy and iconic Cuban experiences for visitors that aren’t familiar with the island’s ways.

There’s someting to be said about the spontaneous moments, the encounters and the steps out of your comfort zone that lead to the greatest rewards. Stepping outside the norm in the best way to open yourself up to smiles, conversations that are neither quite in English or in Spanish, and exchanges with locals that will truly touch your heart and soul.

Here are some suggestions throughout the country:

For self-guided exploration, we recommend the Vinales Valley region or the colonial town of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Discover Havana, one of the most iconic things to do in Cuba

How do you describe Havana? Simply put, this city is unique. As soon as you set foot – or the wheels of your bike! – you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. From the colonial buildings, to the colourful old American cars you can spend an afternoon in, to the sometimes hidden restaurants and generous, friendly locals, it’s hard not to love your stay. Over the years, we’ve added many great little Cuban spots to our address book; don’t hesitate to make a note of them to enhance your stay.

To really appreciate Havana and its revolutionnary history, spend at least two days there. However, if your hotel in Varadero offers a one-day small group tour to the capital, take the opportunity! You’ll get a wonderful overview of the city nonetheless.

Try famous cocktails

Did you know that the Mojito is said to have been invented in Cuba? In fact, it is said that the first one was served in the famous Bodeguita del Medio in the heart of Old Havana. The place is often crowded, which gives it a unique atmosphere. Order your mojito and read the signatures of all the people who have come before you on the walls.

Elsewhere, almost every Cuban restaurant and bar serves its version of the mojito. Try them all (in moderation, of course!) and decide which is your favourite. You’ll be surprised at how different the flavours of the same cocktail can be!

If you want to make mojitos at home, you can buy bottles of Havana Club for 5.50 CUC in the shops of Habana Centro. You’ll pay about 1 CUC more at the airport.

Another Cuban institution is El Floridita, also in Old Havana. This bar was once the hangout of the famous writer Ernest Hemingway, who is said to have claimed it was the best place to drink a daiquiri. You have no choice but to try it!

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