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Whether you’re soaking in a hot spring, sipping wine in a quaint cellar, or exploring the historic landmarks, Hungary has something for everyone, from the thermal baths of Budapest to the fairy-tale castles of the countryside.

If your itinerary only allows for 24 hours In Budapest, here are six attractions you shouldn’t miss.
Nobody likes a two-faced friend, but the two countenances of Budapest are both equally appealing, and add up to a couple of fabulous destinations in one!
No matter what your budget, there plenty of great dining options in Hungary. Have a look to the best street food places in Budapest.
Elizabethtown, one of the most popular districts of Budapest, is now home to the city’s hottest nightspots and Ruin Pubs.
Find some of the most unique and authentic coffee cafes in Budapest. Check out these places if you want to stake out a spot for watching the world go by.
Ready for an unconventional and unforgettable family vacation? You’ll be amazed at what you can find in Budapest.
If you’ve got a sweet tooth and are travelling to Budapest, you absolutely need to learn these two Hungarian words: káveház (café) and cukrászda (pastry).