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Top 7 Montreal Poutines to Try

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Of all Montreal’s most daring prowess, a great poutine always reigns supreme. The concoction of fries, cheese and gravy is simple, but when done right, it is the epitome of comfort food. Each of the three basic ingredients must be perfect for the end result to be delicious. The dish may be ubiquitous, but only a handful of restaurants get it right. Here are our picks for the best Montreal poutine, which we consider an essential stop on any itinerary, no matter how short.

Chez Tousignant: the best locally-sourced Montreal poutine

One of Little Italy’s most successful restaurateur duo is behind this modern day snack bar, designed to look like the authentic thing. At Chez Tousignant, everything is made in house, including the potato buns and beef hot dogs. The poutine gravy is made from scratch daily and the potatoes are cut, peeled and fried fresh with every order. It makes for a very high quality poutine that’s been rated once of the best in town.

Mimi & Jones: the place to get vegan poutine

At Mimi & Jones, vegan comfort food reaches new heights, with their great poutine being a standout. This all-vegan diner, located in Montreal’s trendy Mile End neighborhood, offers an impressive range of cruelty-free diner classics, and their poutine is no exception.

The poutine here is made with crispy fries, smothered in a rich vegan gravy, and topped with dairy-free cheese curds. Despite being completely plant-based, it delivers all the comfort and satisfaction of traditional poutine.

Mimi & Jones is not only about the menu, but also the atmosphere. With its laid-back vibe and inviting old-timey diner decor, it’s a great spot to relish your vegan poutine. Pair it with one of their amazing vegan milkshakes for the full experience. 

Ma Poule Mouillée: the best Portuguese poutine

Ma Poule Mouillée is on the list of best Portuguese charcoal-grilled chicken in Montreal and judging from the long line-ups, that status is here to stay. The chicken, chorizo and bifana meat sandwich are all delicious but the poutine is where it’s at. The fresh fries are topped with a mix of regular and São Jorge cheese curds, grilled chicken and chorizo.

Au pied de cochon: the famous foie gras poutine

Chef Martin Picard’s Au Pied de Cochon prides itself in shining a spotlight on traditional québécois cuisine. It also has the reputation of being the restaurant that uses the most foie gras. So it’s no surprise then that their poutine au foie gras has garnered so much well-deserved attention. The elevated PDC poutine is topped with a generous slab of seared foie gras and doused with homemade foie gras gravy.

Although some purists will claim this is their best poutine in Montreal, the portion is not for the faint of heart. Better pack a stretchy pair of pants, though!

Where in Quebec was poutine made? That’s a good question.

The exact birthplace of poutine in Quebec is a topic of debate. However, two small towns in the Centre-du-Québec region, Warwick and Drummondville, are most often credited. In Warwick, the story goes that in 1957, a customer at a restaurant named Le Lutin Qui Rit requested cheese curds to be added to his fries. Meanwhile, in Drummondville, Jean-Paul Roy of the restaurant Roy Jucep is said to have served the first poutine as we know it today. Regardless of the true origin, the dish quickly gained popularity across the province and ultimately, the world.

Chez Claudette: where to get late night poutine near Plateau Mont-Royal

A Mile End institution since 1982, Chez Claudette is a favourite among Montreal poutine lovers. Fifty poutine choices are featured on the menu, from the most classic to the most extravagant, like poutines topped with fish and chips, beef bourguignon, a slice of tourtière (Québec meat pie), or chicken tandoori, their most popular creation.

Gibeau Orange Julep: the most iconic poutine

The restaurant housed inside a gigantic orange has been a Montreal institution since 1966. Gibeau Orange Julep may be famous for its ubiquitous orange drink but its authentic poutine should also be a must have item. No fancy or extravagant toppings are added to this particular iteration, but this traditional take remains one of the best in the city, served with a side of 1960 nostalgia.

For locals, it’s arguably the best poutine in Montreal.

La Banquise: one of the best places for poutine in Montreal

La Banquise is the most popular poutine restaurant in Montreal. Open since 1968, it’s been serving poutine since 1980. The 24-hour restaurant has a perpetual line up of hungry locals and curious tourist in front of it, which makes it a great option for brunch.

The menu counts over 30 different kinds of poutine, from the most classic to more creative creations such as La Taquise (guacamole and sour cream) or the breakfast poutine La Cassoulette (potatoes, cheese curds, poutine sauce, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers & 2 eggs). The classic is always our go to option.

A few other good poutine spots in Montreal

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