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One of the greatest perks of being a Flight Attendant is the schedules. Discover this world that is full of possibilities.
Among the many wonderful family stories that have marked the evolution of Air Transat since 1987 is that of Pierre-Alexandre Lamanque and Denis Lussier. The father-son duo was able to fly together for the first time on a flight to Vancouver a few months ago.
Air Transat flight attendant Anne-Sophie Millette shares her career path and explains what it takes to be a flight attendant.
Let’s retrace Karina Scattolin’s atypical career as an Air Transat pilot and ask her: what is it like to be a woman in aviation?
The lovely Air Transat flight attendant Sara-Emmanuelle shares her love story, one that continues to unfold between Montreal and Amsterdam.
To celebrate his 35 years of service with Air Transat, friendly flight director François Viau recalls his best moments on board at 35,000 feet in the air…
How did your meal aboard your Air Transat transatlantic flight land on your tray table? Here are the 4 steps of the creation of the inflight meals for Air Transat!
To highlight Captain Robert Piché’s retirement, after a 45-year career, (20 with Air Transat), we chatted with him to get his take on his career, travel and aviation. Here is the first part of this interview.