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Ready to travel like a seasoned pro? With 36 years of adventures under our belt, Air Transat is here to share our best travel tips. Streamline your packing with our expert advice. Learn how to fit all your essentials and still have room for souvenirs. Discover budget-friendly hacks to maximize your vacation fun without overspending. Explore unique destinations away from the crowds for a more authentic experience. Help protect the beautiful places you visit with small, impactful changes.

Let Air Transat guide you to smarter, greener, and more enriching travel. Your next great adventure starts with the right tips.

Are you planning an epic road trip in Europe? For this kind of photogenic, unforgettable experience to go smoothly, preparation is key. Here are our tips.
Grab your suitcase, your sense of adventure, and your +1: let’s find out which epic destination is calling your name!