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Really experience these destinations through their traditions, history, and arts with our useful travel tips. Create an unforgettable holiday by meeting new people, fostering openness and keeping an open heart. You just might be surprised at what you’ll find along the way.

Wine capital of the world? Yes, but there’s much more to Bordeaux. Here are some great things to do in and around Bordeaux, whether or not you imbibe.
Here are four folk tales from Ireland and Scotland. These myths from Gaelic traditions have been entertaining tourists and locals for several centuries
We have picked what we feel are the top three must-visit Gaudi sites as well as a few of our favourite Barcelona cultural hot spots.
The term “Holy Land” is often used to describe Israel. While it may be accurate, it might also give you the idea that there’s not much fun to be had. But think again. There are (also) lots of exhilarating things to do.
Biarritz sits between sea and mountain on the coast of the French Basque Country. Join us for a seaside journey as Florence introduces us to good-to-know places and personal favourites.
How to prepare well for the four days of carnival festivities in Martinique.
Here are some tips to help you explore the best of both old and new in Havana so you can fully immerse yourself in the city’s ancient districts and discover the exciting new cosmopolitan city rising from the ashes of the past.
Festive and fictional unite as we celebrate two anniversaries in the literary world by immersing you in timeless classics: Sherlock Holmes and Frankenstein.
Here are some well-kept secrets of Tel Aviv, “city that never sleeps”, for gourmets, night owls, beach lovers or culture buffs.
Believe it or not, Scotland has a lot of haunted places. Here is a few places that have been tested for you in Edinburgh, where you should get your load of chills!
The artisan community in Marseille flourishes and there are many opportunities to pick up unique souvenirs and gifts in various neighbourhoods.
Spain is the third most popular destination in Europe. We come here for its beaches, gastronomy, culture and rich history. And we discover a cosmopolitan, sophisticated and welcoming society. It wasn’t always this way.
Many people call St. Petersburg the “Portland of the South” with over 300 days of sunshine each year, making it perfect for a sun holiday.
As the recent royal weddings proved, the world is still dazzled by the monarchy. Relive the magic with a guided tour of royal London.
Truefitt & Hill in Westminster holds the title of “Oldest Barbershop in the World” (according to the Guinness Book of World Records) and has a Royal Warrant of Appointment.
Everything in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo is within walking distance, so we’ve compiled a list of must-dos to help you make the most of your experience. Go ahead, walk around, explore, mix with the locals and soak up the Dominican culture.
Here are ten venues to enjoy the Toronto music scene where you can hear artists of all musical styles from around the world.
With its ancient stones, far-reaching history and state-of-the-art skyscrapers, Israel radiates a certain energy and vitality you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s a look at Jerusalem, a city with a love of life and an extraordinary heritage.
Here are some of the amazing places you shouldn’t miss around the cities of Trinidad and Holguin to feel the magic of this vibrant country.
Cuba has a lot to offer in term of art. Discover La Havana through museums, galeries and boutiques. Culture in Cuba can be surprising!
Here are many destinations in the Caribbean that will take you in the footsteps of pirates such as Blackbeard, Henry Morgan and many others.
You’ve said “I do” to a destination wedding down south! Here, we break down who can help you plan what you wish for your big day!
Hayla, Air Transat Flight Director, guided us away from the beaches to explore the Yucatan peninsula, notably three of its highlights: the Gran cenote, the ancient Mayan city of Cobá and Valladolid, the pastel-like capital of the Yucatan.
Here are my favourite places in Lisbon, ancient as well as modern. Because it would be a shame to do one and skip the other.
A small selection of the most beautiful parks in the world where you can picnic, jog or bike. Some might be unfamiliar, while others, entirely magical.
Off we go on a comic strip adventure in Brussels to say hello to Tintin, the Smurfs, Gaston, and the gang!
A list of the five most significant and beautiful castles in Europe, from Switzerland to Scotland and why they are worth a detour, no matter how big.
The Beatles are widely considered the greatest musical group of all times. Their birthplace, Liverpool, is ready to welcome fans who want to bask in their world.
Rome is one of the most important cities in history. Here’s a list of attractions to discover historical Rome, including can’t-miss places and hidden gems.
Looking to get inspired? Here are 10 of our most iconic and quintessentially European holiday experiences that you will never want to forget.
For the anniversary of the Star Wars and Harry Potter series, travel in search of fictional worlds in Ireland and England!
Are you travelling to Cuba soon? Here are novels, films, music, dishes or drinks that will provide an instant immersion. Ready? Cuba, here we come!
Do all French wear berets? Are all Italians romantic? Our myth detective investigates some of the most popular cultural clichés.
Dubrovnik attracts travellers interested in history, culture and gastronomy, but also in unearthing the secrets the surrounding islands shall reveal.
Aquitaine holds an exclusive combination of archetypal activities that will appeal to all. Here are 10 things you shouldn’t miss in this grandiose region.
Ottawa celebrates Canada’s history, art and culture through its many monuments and museums and hosts a multitude of festivals and sports activities.
Your holiday trip to Jamaica is close. To help you prepare and maximize your vacation fun, here is our list of important things to know before visiting Jamaica.
Kathryn Munro of Canadian Affair’s recommendations for Glasgow restaurants and attractions may come in useful on your next trip to Scotland.
Take in some of Glasgow’s architectural highlights by following our tips to the best of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.