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Europe is a continent brimming with history, culture, and natural beauty, just waiting to be discovered. From bustling cities to picturesque villages,  from rugged mountaintops to sunny beaches, the Old-Continent has something for everyone. Be sure to wander off the beaten path and seek out those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. You never know what you might find, but one thing is for sure: it will be an experience that you’ll never forget.

Without a doubt the most popular cities in Italy are Rome, Venice and Florence. But there are so many other cities in Italy that Italians love, and are far less crowded. For those looking for an authentic peek into Italian life, here are the top 5 most underrated cities in Italy.
If you’re looking for fantastic classic French food with seafood caught that morning, Nantes must be on your list. When you visit you cannot miss these restaurants in Nantes!
There are many ways to eat in Venice on a budget so that you can either splurge in one of its fantastic restaurants or save your budget for another city. Here are some easy ways to eat on the cheap.
These London markets are a great place to find food in London, along with clothes, antiques and more! Check out our favourite picks.
We, hungry travellers, are no longer content to just seek out the best local restaurant or market. And if that means traipsing through a forest, diving under the sea or getting up close and personal with a local farm animal, then so be it.
There are those golf holes that stir up a fascinating mixture of pure anticipation… and sheer dread. These are some of them in different destinations.
From tomato fights to cheese-rolling competitions, savour some of the most delicious food festivals around the world. Here is a list you don’t want to forget.
Tintin isn’t the only comic strip hero out and about in Belgium’s capital. Since 1991, Brussels has been covering its walls with fantastic images by some of the country’s most celebrated graphic artists. We surrender to the whimsy of the city’s comic strip route and tumble into its alternate universe.
With Easter, discover chocolate destinations all around the world. Here are some places you could visit that have a big history with cocoa and chocolate!
Provence is all about sun, lavender, sunflowers and rosé. But above all, it’s about an undeniable joie de vivre. In this spirit, here are five stylish souvenirs in Provence to bring back.
A trip to Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France, turns into a food-fueled adventure. The real treasure of Lyon is its rich local produce that turns a trip here into a journey of flavors‚ whether you’re a meat-loving adventurer or not.
Many travellers fly to Italy for just one thing to eat. There’s no doubt that Italian food is one of the best in the world and you could spend an Italian holiday simply eating and doing nothing else. Here are four sandwiches that you should try in Italy when you need a break from all the tasty pizza and pasta.
Tea became popular again in France about 70 years ago. On your next visit to Paris indulge in a delectable blend at one of these Tea Salons!
Barcelona is one of the most loved cities in Spain and the world. It charms with its world-class food and wine, boulevards to stroll and music to dance. If you want to show your children the world, Barcelona is an excellent place to start. Here 5 great activities for kids in Barcelona.
Wine and food are one of the best ways to explore France. Not only are the wine regions in France producing some of the world’s best wine, but they are also home to delicious classic and modern French food. Here are 5 wine regions you should consider on your next holiday in France.
Provence’s quiet beauty seduces the senses with the simplest things, a monastery cloaked in silent worship, acres of vibrant lavender scenting the countryside and pretty as a picture village markets.
Travel to France, Spain or Italy and if you love all things bubbly, break out your flutes and take a sparkly sip of Champagne, Crémant, cava or Prosecco!
Located in Emilia Romagna, Bologna is also home to the oldest university in Italy and all of Europe. It’s just 40 minutes by train from Florence and just as beautiful and yummy.
While most travellers think about sun holidays when the temperature begins to fall, it can be the perfect time to visit the UK as the crowds have disappeared and prices for flights to London in winter are very affordable.
All the art, culture (and some nature) to see in Andalusia’s top cities of Sevilla, Granada and Córdoba.
There are plenty of reasons to discover Portugal’s two most popular regions anytime, but the trend now is to go…during the winter. And here’s why.
We all know Santorini is stunning, we’ve drooled over online photos and videos when planning a trip to this glowing sun-kissed island and wondered, we’ve wondered can it really be this beautiful? Once you arrive, you will discover the island delivers what it promises on social media, it is truly drop dead gorgeous.
Amid fragrances of cinnamon and evergreen trees, we present our favourite Parisian Christmas markets, from the hippest to the most traditional.
Many cities and towns host one or two festive markets but London goes all out, they have whopping seventeen wintery wonderlands at last count! We’ve made a list and we’ve even checked it twice ‘cause Santa Claus is coming to Londontown.
To truly experience Scotland at her best you should try a ramble across a moody moor, dipping your toes into an emerald blue loch or walking to an ancient castle on an island. Here are three awesome hiking adventures in Scotland that will get you out and exploring in the land of Braveheart.
One of the most popular things to do in Rome Italy is to visit the ancient ruins of the Colosseum. It’s an incredible piece of architecture but is also full of fascinating history that most people haven’t heard. Here are 8 things that will surprise you about the Colosseum.
A Lyon day trip to Dijon is one that should include wineries, mustard (of course!) and bikes. With its beautiful timbered buildings, impressive wine and mustard pedigree, Dijon is a perfect place to just wander and take in the sights.
Rome has a lot to offer, follow our gladiator on two wheels to visit the ancient city on a bicycle. Get to his favorite spots, touristic sites and hidden local places. Do not let the bumpy road of Rome discourage you from visiting it on a bicycle!
There’s nothing more liberating than escaping the everyday on a Portugal road trip.
Rome is known as a paradise for foodies, but where do locals eat? Here is a list of the best restaurants in Rome where you’ll sit elbow to elbow with locals.
Scotland may be best known as the land of kilts, bagpipes and sexy highlanders but we think a perfect active travel trip should include lots of time outdoors on the water; paddling on a loch, canal or along the coast. Here are our top picks for a fun kayaking in Scotland adventure.
Wine capital of the world? Yes, but there’s much more to Bordeaux. Here are some great things to do in and around Bordeaux, whether or not you imbibe.
Mykonos is perfect for any active traveller, you can try hiking out to the Armenistis Lighthouse, kayaking along the island coast or hire an ATV to explore this pretty little spot in the Aegean.
We have picked what we feel are the top three must-visit Gaudi sites as well as a few of our favourite Barcelona cultural hot spots.
Biarritz sits between sea and mountain on the coast of the French Basque Country. Join us for a seaside journey as Florence introduces us to good-to-know places and personal favourites.
Follow in the footsteps of a Transat employee in one of his favorite cities. This time, we take us to discover Venice … in 24 hours!
9 breakfast pastries you must try across Europe from the classic croissant in Paris to the decadent brioche and gelato in Palermo.
Not all gelato in Florence is good, in fact some of it is only eaten by tourists unaware that the great shops may just be around the corner. These 5 spots for gelato in Florence are worth jumping on a flight for.
Believe it or not, Scotland has a lot of haunted places. Here is a few places that have been tested for you in Edinburgh, where you should get your load of chills!
The artisan community in Marseille flourishes and there are many opportunities to pick up unique souvenirs and gifts in various neighbourhoods.
Spain is the third most popular destination in Europe. We come here for its beaches, gastronomy, culture and rich history. And we discover a cosmopolitan, sophisticated and welcoming society. It wasn’t always this way.
Take a cruise on the Camargue river, the largest river delta in Europe an discover France’s cowboy’s country side and a UNESCO-protected wetland.
Time Out Market, also known as the Mercado da Ribeira, is a fine dining food hall filled with Lisbon’s best food and drinks.
Dublin hаѕ some оf thе best Iriѕh pubs and food you’ll ever find in thе wоrld. Here are some of the dishes you must try.
A visit to Bаrсеlоnа dоеѕn’t have tо bе соnfinеd tо the сitу’ѕ mаin attractions аѕ thеrе are mаnу vаriеd аnd accessible dауѕ out to bе hаd juѕt a ѕtоnе’ѕ throw from thе сitу.
Step into the underground and back in time for a drink at Gordon’s, London’s oldest wine bar.
Emanuel, Transat’s Sales & Services Supervisor, takes you to spend a Sunday in London shopping, eating and soaking in the atmosphere at the Columbia Road Flower Market.
As the recent royal weddings proved, the world is still dazzled by the monarchy. Relive the magic with a guided tour of royal London.
Truefitt & Hill in Westminster holds the title of “Oldest Barbershop in the World” (according to the Guinness Book of World Records) and has a Royal Warrant of Appointment.
For great drinks, a bite to eat and a lively night out on the town, there’s no better area of Lisbon than Bairro Alto.