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Whether you’re gallivanting through Europe or Latin America, savor the flavors of the world with our foodie travel tips. From street food to Michelin-starred dining, third-wave coffee to natural wine bars, it’s all here.

With Easter, discover chocolate destinations all around the world. Here are some places you could visit that have a big history with cocoa and chocolate!
The old joke was that when asked where one should eat in Ottawa, the answer would be: Montreal. That’s not the case anymore since Ottawa has a very respectable food scene these days. Below are some of our favourite spots to eat, drink and snack in Canada’s capital city.
A trip to Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France, turns into a food-fueled adventure. The real treasure of Lyon is its rich local produce that turns a trip here into a journey of flavors‚ whether you’re a meat-loving adventurer or not.
Many travellers fly to Italy for just one thing to eat. There’s no doubt that Italian food is one of the best in the world and you could spend an Italian holiday simply eating and doing nothing else. Here are four sandwiches that you should try in Italy when you need a break from all the tasty pizza and pasta.
If you’re vegan or just wanting to try vegan food you’ll want to visit these Toronto restaurants. The food is so good that most people forget that they are in a vegan restaurant.
Tea became popular again in France about 70 years ago. On your next visit to Paris indulge in a delectable blend at one of these Tea Salons!
Vancouver’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle combined with a diverse population means the city has great food at any price.
Here are some of the best restaurants in Playa del Carmen for travellers looking for local flavour, and all are less than a 10 minute walk from 5th avenue.
Wine and food are one of the best ways to explore France. Not only are the wine regions in France producing some of the world’s best wine, but they are also home to delicious classic and modern French food. Here are 5 wine regions you should consider on your next holiday in France.
There are over 600,000 people living in Cancun, which means there are plenty of great options for food. Here are some of the most popular restaurants in Cancun both in the hotel zone and outside in the main city.
Provence’s quiet beauty seduces the senses with the simplest things, a monastery cloaked in silent worship, acres of vibrant lavender scenting the countryside and pretty as a picture village markets.
Travel to France, Spain or Italy and if you love all things bubbly, break out your flutes and take a sparkly sip of Champagne, Crémant, cava or Prosecco!
Today some of the most popular foods in the Yucatan are also throughout Mexico, but many Yucatecan foods only exist in this region. Here are six dishes from the Yucatan you don’t want to miss!
Located in Emilia Romagna, Bologna is also home to the oldest university in Italy and all of Europe. It’s just 40 minutes by train from Florence and just as beautiful and yummy.
Even though this is my third time in Panama City, I’m looking forward to wandering the narrow streets of Casco Viejo again for a Food Tour.
The whole family can get a taste of the Dominican Republic at this food truck park in Punta Cana.
Nicaragua, one of the most interesting countries in Central America, it is full of amazing beach life with diverse flora and fauna bordering both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. Each beach has its own vibe and attractions, here are the best beaches in Nicaragua you don’t want to miss.
Find tricks to adapt your classic pina colada to the cold winters with the help of the owners of the Montreal’s bar: Bishop & Bagg. Hot summer or cold winter, be prepared for the perfect cocktails!
Eat and drink your way around Île d’Orléans, a most wonderful fertile island just outside Québec City where agriculture flourishes.
A Lyon day trip to Dijon is one that should include wineries, mustard (of course!) and bikes. With its beautiful timbered buildings, impressive wine and mustard pedigree, Dijon is a perfect place to just wander and take in the sights.
Rome is known as a paradise for foodies, but where do locals eat? Here is a list of the best restaurants in Rome where you’ll sit elbow to elbow with locals.
From the Golan Heights to the Negev, Israel is home to some spectacular wineries. To date, there are approximately 300 dotted along the country. That is quite remarkable considering that two decades ago, there were fewer than ten wineries in total with some older than the nation itself.
Wine capital of the world? Yes, but there’s much more to Bordeaux. Here are some great things to do in and around Bordeaux, whether or not you imbibe.
The term “Holy Land” is often used to describe Israel. While it may be accurate, it might also give you the idea that there’s not much fun to be had. But think again. There are (also) lots of exhilarating things to do.
Biarritz sits between sea and mountain on the coast of the French Basque Country. Join us for a seaside journey as Florence introduces us to good-to-know places and personal favourites.
Whatever the interpretation may be, the experimentation has lead to some exciting Canadian restaurants in Toronto. Don’t miss out on these great restaurants on your next trip to Canada’s largest city.
9 breakfast pastries you must try across Europe from the classic croissant in Paris to the decadent brioche and gelato in Palermo.
Here are some well-kept secrets of Tel Aviv, “city that never sleeps”, for gourmets, night owls, beach lovers or culture buffs.
Not all gelato in Florence is good, in fact some of it is only eaten by tourists unaware that the great shops may just be around the corner. These 5 spots for gelato in Florence are worth jumping on a flight for.
Costa Rica is the most popular destination in Central America. Its food, simple, but also fresh and delicious, is great for picky eaters and foodies alike. Here are 9 dishes to try.
Time Out Market, also known as the Mercado da Ribeira, is a fine dining food hall filled with Lisbon’s best food and drinks.
Dublin hаѕ some оf thе best Iriѕh pubs and food you’ll ever find in thе wоrld. Here are some of the dishes you must try.
The food in Nicaragua is delicious and such a bargain for budget travellers, if you’re planning a holiday in Nicaragua keep your eye out for these dishes.
Step into the underground and back in time for a drink at Gordon’s, London’s oldest wine bar.
For great drinks, a bite to eat and a lively night out on the town, there’s no better area of Lisbon than Bairro Alto.
With its ancient stones, far-reaching history and state-of-the-art skyscrapers, Israel radiates a certain energy and vitality you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s a look at Jerusalem, a city with a love of life and an extraordinary heritage.
It is home to an extraordinary amount of Michelin star restaurants, but eating anywhere in the countryside is a memorable meal. 
Wine Regions in Europe, there are so many great options for great wine. Consider these regions for your holiday, which are beautiful but also delicious.
To get a true sense of the flavour of this city you need a mix of old and new, here are some of the best restaurants in Calgary that locals rave about.
From fine dining to street food, you can eat well on any budget in Puerto Vallarta. Here are the ten best restaurants in the area.
If you’re looking for the sweetest research to join in here are five Toronto brunch restaurants you cannot miss that has great pancakes.
Discover Cabarete in Dominican Republic. It’s nice beaches, waves and winds are perfect if you like aquatic sports like surf, paddle board, sailboard etc.
Hayla, flight director at Air Transat and avid traveller, shares some of the best spots in Tulum you’ll want to visit on your next trip to the Riviera Maya.
Each city has its own best taco, for this list we’ve focused on the coastal cities of Mexico.
If you’re traveling with children you’ll want to check out these five family friendly brunch restaurants in Toronto, Ontario.
10 of Lisbon’s best restaurants as chosen by Air Transat travellers, from fish and seafood specialties to the city’s best food market.
10 of Paris’ best restaurants as chosen by Air Transat travellers, from foie gras to duck magret, steak frites and French pastries.
Enjoy the best of the countries you visit with the following suggestions of must-try dishes from farm to table, and great places where to taste them!
10 of Rome’s best restaurants as chosen by Air Transat travellers, from pizza to pasta, seafood and grilled specialties.
If you’re heading to Ireland you won’t want to miss these Irish restaurants to visit in Dublin.